Google Street View Update Brings Cardboard Support

Google has released an update to the the Google Street View app that now supports Google Cardboard for a more immersive experience.  The update is version 2.0 for those keeping score at home and it has been released to the Google Play Store.  That means if you have the app installed on your Android phone or tablet, the update will be coming to you anytime from now to a couple of days.  For those who don’t remember, Google released Google Street View as a standalone app about this time last month, separating it from being embedded within Google Maps.  The reason is for updates like this one which allow Google to give a more enhanced experience without the limitations of the Maps app.

Google Street View – Free – Download Now

If you have Google Cardboard, when you search for a location to view in Google Street View, you can open that full screen image and then tap on the cardboard icon on the display.  This puts your

Google Street View for Android

Google Street View for Android

phone into the stereo-view so you can see the view in a more immersive, almost 3 dimensional view.  The Google Street View app also lets you see curated collections of famous places throughout the world and even the not-so famous and it is a great way to see places you’ve never been.

As you would expect, there are several bug fixes and other improvements in this build but functionally, beyond the support for Cardboard, not much has changed.

If you don’t have the physical Google Cardboard holder, you can get it from multiple manufactures starting at $24.95 on the Google Cardboard site

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