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Google Cardboard Now Available In Several More Countries

Google’s inexpensive Virtual Reality viewer, Google Cardboard, has been added to several local Google Stores around the globe for purchase.  Now Android users in Canada, France, the UK, and Germany can order the viewer from their local Google Store online so they can experience Google’s low cost entry into VR.  To this point the viewer, which essentially wraps around your phone and is made of, you guessed it, cardboard, was only available in the US.  For those that don’t remember, Cardboard began life as a freebie handout at Google I/O 2014 but earlier this year the company began selling it on their site along with some other, more stylish viewers.

Cardboard Update Brings Arctic Journey Play

Google Cardboard, the app, has been updated with an all-new VR journey for users to enjoy.  The new Arctic Journey brings a fun albeit short demo of what you can do with Cardboard and is a good bit of fun.  In the demo, you can fly along side Arctic terns, you can plant flowers in a field and just enjoy the scenery and stars through your VR goggles.  Again, it’s short but it is well done and accessible in the main menu of the app.

If you are new to the app, this is the main app you use to start with Google’s low cost VR experience.  Here you can do things like fly around on Google Earth, take a tour of historic locations, watch your videos and view any Photo Spheres that you have created.  The Arctic Journey is just adding on to these basic experiences in the app.

Google Street View Update Brings Cardboard Support

Google has released an update to the the Google Street View app that now supports Google Cardboard for a more immersive experience.  The update is version 2.0 for those keeping score at home and it has been released to the Google Play Store.  That means if you have the app installed on your Android phone or tablet, the update will be coming to you anytime from now to a couple of days.  For those who don’t remember, Google released Google Street View as a standalone app about this time last month, separating it from being embedded within Google Maps.  The reason is for updates like this one which allow Google to give a more enhanced experience without the limitations of the Maps app.

Google Street View – Free – Download Now

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