Google Street View Adds A Virtual Walk Through The Ferrari Museum

Today, Google Street View has released a curated walk through the Ferrari museum in Maranello, Italy.  The collection of views allows you to walk through the famous road car and Formula One team’s museums and see many parts of the Ferrari campus as well.  For any fan of the Scuderia, this is a great edition and even if you are not a big F1 or Ferrari fan, this walk through is pretty sweet.  To find them, just search for Ferrari in the app and you’ll be taken to the new collection.

Google Street View continues to grow with these types of curated walk through views so you can visit different places, museums and the like right from your Android phone.  Many of the views also

Ferrari Musuem in Google Street View

Ferrari Musuem in Google Street View

support VR so you can use them with your Cardboard or other VR headset.  Taking a look through each section that has been added, you can see a visual history of Ferrari both as road cars as well as a F1 team.

The app is free and these new walk through views are also free – they are just a part of the app.

With it being Monaco Grand Prix weekend, the timing of releasing the Ferrari museum walk though couldn’t have been better timed.  Coincidence?  Likely not. 🙂

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