F1 2016 Coming to Android

Formula One fans have a lot to be excited about these days.  This year’s championship is a bit closer (amongst the Mercedes drivers at least), fat, 70s-style tires are coming next season, there are new owners of the sport and Codemasters is finally making their game available for mobile devices!  F1 2016, the outstanding F1 career and racing game that has been available for consoles, will be coming to iOS and Android later this year as a paid app.  The news came from the Apple event yesterday where the epic racing game will first be coming to iOS and later to Android.  How much later is unclear but it should be this year.

F1 2016 brings you the entire 2016 season, all 21 races, along with all the teams and drivers.  It is officially licensed from Formula One Management (FOM) so this is not a knock-off.  This is the real deal and if it is anything like the console games, it will be a real treat.

Codemasters has been making a seasonal F1 game for the last several years but they have only ever released them for consoles, PCs and more recently MacOS.  Mobile devices have never been in

F1 2016 is Coming to Android

F1 2016 is Coming to Android

the mix despite many fans of the game wanting it to happen.  According to the Codemasters blog, the game will…

Featuring all the official teams, drivers and circuits, including the brand new Baku City Circuit, from this exciting season, you’ll be able to enjoy the thrills of the world’s most popular motorsport, with console quality visuals that you can play wherever you are.

While a date is not clear, what is clear is that this will be a paid game.  It does not look like the company has decided to go down the freemium path which is perfectly fine with me.  I’m more than happy to pay a few bucks to get the complete game from the start.

Who’s excited?

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