Mint Update Brings Improved Bill Handling and Payments

Intuit has rolled out an update to their financial budget and bill tracking app, Mint.  The update brings many improvements including a much improved ability to see the bills you have due, which ones have been paid and payment reminders so you can avoid late fees.  If you are a subscriber to Mint and have the app installed, the OTA should be coming to you over the course of the next couple of days.

The biggest change in this update is the new bill section.  Now you can see the number of bills that have been paid and the number that you have coming up in the month.  Tapping on this new tile will give you the exact details of which bill is do when and who it is due too.  The idea is to give you a better grasp on your cashflow so you can budget to get your bills paid on time.

Part of that on time payment process is to give you the ability to pay your bills within Mint and to get reminders when a bill is coming due.  The app will give you notifications when bills are coming

Mint for Android

Mint for Android

due, within a few days, so you can pay them.  There is also the ability to schedule payments from linked bills right within the app.

Mint is a great service if you need simple but effective budget management.  Remember, it is made by Intuit, the same folks who make Quicken, so they know a thing or two about helping people manage their budgets.

To check out Mint, head over to the Play Store.


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