Android Nougat 7.1.2 Beta 2 Starts Rolling to Testers

The 2nd and likely the last beta of Android Nougat 7.1.2 has begun rolling out to those enrolled in the Android Beta program.  The update brings additional bug fixes and refinements to the first beta which, on the whole, is a bug fix and refinement release for Nougat.  While there is no official word on when the general public will see 7.1.2, it is likely not far away.  Generally the first beta was solid and this second appears to be smoothing out a few rough edges.  It feels complete at this point.

While the focus is on bug fixes and refinements, this beta does bring a few new things to the table.  First, for those of you with a Nexus 6P, you finally get the fingerprint scanner swipe action that has been on the Nexus 5X since the first beta.  If you remember, the first beta for the 6P was delayed by about three weeks and didn’t come with the ability to swipe down and read notifications.  That seems to have been addressed in this second beta.

Interestingly, another big change is the introduction of the Pixel launcher on the Pixel C tablet.  The Pixel C remains the flagship tablet from Google and given it bares the Pixel name, it seems a bit fitting it would get the new launcher.  No, there is no indication that the Pixel launcher will roll out to Nexus devices or be a general download.  But, if you read my review of Nova Launcher, you

Android Nougat

Android Nougat

know that you can get pretty darn close to that Pixel experience on your Nexus (or any other phone for that matter).

Head over to Android Police if you want to check out the screenshots from the launcher on a table.

You can still sign up for the beta if you want to try it out.  Just go to the Android Beta site, register your compatible device and the update will be pushed to your phone.  Do note that the 7.1.2 train is for the Pixel phones, Pixel C tablet, Nexus 5X & 6P and Nexus Player.

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