Microsoft Cortana Only Trails Google Assistant in Accuracy

In a Business Insider report that was published today, Microsoft Cortana only trails Google Assistant in overall answer accuracy as well as the number of questions asked.  In fact, Assistant and Cortana were well ahead of Apple Siri and Amazon Alexa in both categories.

The report focused on the news from earlier this week that Apple is replacing Bing as the default search engine for Siri in MacOS High Sierra and iOS 11 and points out that the move, which will have Siri leverage Google Search APIs, will likely dramatically help Apple’s assistant in its use and accuracy.

In the report, each of the assistants were asked 5,000 questions.  Google Assistant answered 3,405 of those questions with a 91% accuracy rate.

Business Insider Assistant Response Table

Business Insider Assistant Response Table

Cortana answered 2,825 of the questions with an accuracy rate of 82%.  From there however, the gap increased significantly.  Apple’s Siri only answered 1,085 questions with a 62% accuracy rate.  Amazon Alexa finished up last with 1,035 questions answered but had a higher accuracy rate than Siri or Cortana at 87%.

Another interesting facet in all of this:  While Apple will be leveraging more of Google technology in Siri, Amazon has already partnered up with Microsoft to inject Cortana into Alexa powered devices.  That means the two laggards in the report will likely close the gap significantly in the next few quarters as the technology integrations take shape.

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