Chrome Browser for Desktop Update Rolling Out

Following the release of an updated Chrome for Android, the Chrome browser for Windows, MacOS and Linux has a new update rolling out today.  The updated version is build 63.0.3239.84 for those keeping score at home and gets desktop users of the browser on the Chrome 63 train.

Along with the updating to the base version of Chrome, this update also brings a lot of fixes.  There are 37 named fixes in this update but the details of exactly how it was fixed will remain confidential for a few more weeks.  This is a normal practice by Google to assure that users have had time to update and are not exposed to the vulnerability.  Most of the have to deal with spoofs or other exploits.

The Flags page in Chrome has been updated too.  Now if you type chrome://flags in the ominbar, you will see the new Material Design inspired look to these experimental settings in the browser.

If you have the Chrome browser installed on your Windows PC, Mac or Linux box, the update will be coming to you over the course of the next few days.  If you want to force the issue, you can type chrome://help in the omnibar and it will force the browser to check for an update.

On my MacBook Pro I’ve already received the update so it is rolling out in the normal quick fashion.

With both Chrome for Android and the Chrome browser for desktop now on the Chrome 63 train, all that remains is for ChromeOS to be updated in the Stable channel to this new build.  Look for it over the next several days as Google likes to keep these Chrome-based updated bunched together.

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