Microsoft Launcher Hits 10 Million Download Mark

Just a month after hitting the 1 million download mark, Microsoft Launcher has now pushed passed 10 million downloads according to the Google Play Store.  It is an incredible download increase rate and while downloads don’t necessarily reflect day-to-day users, clearly there are people downloading it to at the very least try it out.

2017 has been an incredible year for Microsoft Launcher.  It was rebranded from Arrow Launcher in the summer and with that came a significant rebuild of the app that made it more customizable and user friendly.  Those tweaks continue as earlier this month the update to version 4.3 brought more customizing that users can do.

I have contended for quite some time, including in my review, that this launcher is likely the best out there for readers who are entrenched in the Microsoft ecosystem.

If you haven’t checked out Microsoft Launcher and you are an Office 365 user, It is time to check it out.  The launcher allows you to get quick access to your documents and files as well as your recently used apps.  It integrates with your calendars, including your Google Calendar, and contacts with your recent interactions with your contacts easily viewable on the Utility page.

Microsoft Launcher is a free download and to use all of the features and functionality, you will need to have a Microsoft account, which is also free.

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