Today’s Deal – Dell Wired Keyboard for Chrome OS is $13 on Amazon

Today’s Deal is for those of you who have been looking for a Chrome OS dedicated keyboard to setup in your office or work space.  The Dell Wired Keyboard KB69211 is specifically laid out with Chrome OS users in mind.  It is also at a great price.  Right now it is $12.99 on Amazon and includes free shipping.

The Dell Wired Keyboard is a traditional QWERTY keyboard with a built-in number pad to the right.  But where you would normally find the function keys on other keyboards, on this one you will find Chrome OS specific functions suck as the refresh key, the multi-window key, volume and brightness controls.  There is even a lock key that allows you to lock your Chromebook with one long press of the key.

Over the past few weeks I’ve migrated myself from using my Acer Chromebook 14 stand alone to using it with a monitor, keyboard and mouse.  While I can connect any keyboard to it via Bluetooth or USB, the fact is that I need some of the functions that are on a Chromebook’s keyboard.  This keyboard from Dell meets the need and it does a great job.

The keys on the keyboard have a nice swing depth so you feel a solid, accurate response from the keys when you press them.  It is also very light weight and has feet at the rear of the keyboard to give you a proper typing angle.  I’ve been very pleased with it and I suspect you will too.

Head over to Amazon to get all the details and to order yours.


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