Android Oreo 8.1 Released for The Nokia 8

After being in beta for just a few weeks, HMD Global has released the Android Oreo 8.1 update for the Nokia 8.  The news of the release came from the company’s Chief Product Officer, Juho Sarvikas, on Twitter:

The news of the release was a bit of a surprise given that the open beta for the 8.1 build only started in late January.

The update itself is a hefty 1.5GB so it is certainly one to download via WiFi.  You’ll get all the benefits of Oreo 8.1 which includes several refinements.  The update also includes, importantly, the February Android Security Update patch for the device.  This follows up on the patch being released for 8.0 just last week.

The release of Oreo 8.1 is just the latest example of how HMD Global is keeping the Nokia 8 and other devices up to date at a fast clip.  The company has committed to getting Oreo out for all of their devices and it is clear that they are intent on keeping that promise.

As readers likely know, the 8 was never released in the US market but the international variant of the phone can be purchased through Amazon.  You just have to make sure that it will work with your GSM carrier here in the States before you purchase it.


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