G Suite Team Drive Adds Ability to Email Members

Team Drive, the G Suite equivalent of Google Drive with a lot more sharing and searching functionality, is getting a new email feature added to it.  The new feature will allow users to email all members of a Team Drive.

The feature will work two ways according to the announcement by the G Suite team:

  • From the Team Drive: Navigate to the Team Drive, click the drop-down menu next to the Team Drive name, and click “Email members.”
  • From within a file that is in the Team Drive: While editing or viewing the document, open the File menu, and click “Email Collaborators.”

Once you have selected to email everyone, you can customize the list of recipients.

The new feature is rolling out to all G Suite versions starting today and will take up to 15 days to reach everyone.  It will be available to all customers but remember that Team Drives is only available to Enterprise, Education and Business versions of the service.  G Suite Basic can access Drives shared with them but cannot create them.

Admins will not have to do anything once the feature is on their domain but, as part of the overall settings for Drives, you can adjust what sharing and other features aren enabled in the Admin panel for your domain.

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