Google Adds More Tweaks to G Suite App Menus

For the third month in a row, Google has begun rolling out menu tweaks to some of the G Suite apps today.  The update that is rolling out today impacts Google Docs and Google Sheets online and will be coming to all G Suite customers over the course of the next week or two.

Like the updates from last month, these tweaks are aimed at making navigation within Google Docs and Google Sheets easier by clarifying what a function does.  These are all visual changes and not changes in function.

For Google Docs, you have the following changes coming:

  • In the Tools menu, “Spelling” will be renamed “Check Spelling.”
  • In the Edit menu, “Select none” will be removed.
  • Items in the File, Edit, and Tools menus will be reordered.

For Google Sheets, here is what you will see change:

  • In the Data menu, “Filter” will be renamed “Create a filter.”
  • In the Data menu, “Validation” will be renamed “Data validation.”
  • Items in the Data menu will be reordered.
  • Items in the Format menu will be reordered.

You will known when you have received the update on your domain when you see this new verbiage on menus within the online versions of the apps.  Again, none of these are functional changes to these features.  They will behave the same way that they have to this point.  Rather, these are wording changes to make it easier to understand what exactly that function is doing.


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