Microsoft Cortana Likely Coming to Outlook for Android and iOS

When it comes to Personal Assistants on phones, we tend to think of Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa most often while iOS users tend to think of Siri.  But Microsoft Cortana slowly and quietly continues to develop and made inroads on both Android and iOS.  A new report suggests that Cortana is about to go even further into both platforms.

The Verge is reporting that Microsoft is working on integrating Cortana in Outlook for both Android and iOS.  This would allow for things like emails to be read to you while you are on-the-go but could also allow for dictation of emails.

According to the report, Microsoft is testing the integration of Microsoft Cortana into Outlook internally and the results, to this point, have been positive.  While we are still likely a few weeks away from a beta becoming available, it is exciting news for those who leverage Cortana and Outlook on their phones.

Cortana, particularly for Android, has significantly improved in its integration with the platform in the past year.  You are now not only able to access the Personal Assistant but you can set it up to be your default assistant on your phone, bypassing Google Assistant all together.  While the integration with iOS is improving too, it is not at the same rate given the API restrictions Apple has in place with iOS.

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