Fifth Chrome 67 Build Available for The Chrome OS Dev Channel

A fifth and somewhat surprising Chrome 67 build has been released to the Chrome OS Dev Channel.  For readers new to Chrome OS, the Dev Channel is what would be considered the Alpha channel for the platform.  Build 67.0.3396.19 (Platform version: 10575.17.0) comes just two days after the fourth build was released and brings the update to all devices.  The released on April 25th, build .17, was noted that it was for some devices.

From a feature or fixes update, there isn’t much to report.  This is basically the same build but has had a few underpinnings that allow it to get it out for all devices.

Chrome 67, when it does get to the Chrome OS Stable Channel, will be bringing a load of new features and improvements. These include a new keyboard shortcut viewer, a new power menu, the move of the virtual keyboard to a floating keyboard by default, and lock screen notifications.  It will be a major update indeed.

At this point, we are not far away from seeing a Chrome 67 build in the Stable Channel.  It is expected to be released on our around June 5th.  That means that we should see it move to the Beta Channel sometime early in May.  Generally speaking, the Chromium team likes to get 4 or 5 builds out for each channel before promoting it to the next.

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