Fourth Chrome 67 Build Lands in the Chrome OS Dev Channel

Google has released the fourth and potentially the final Chrome 67 build into the Chrome OS Dev Channel.  Build 67.0.3396.17 (Platform version: 10575.13.0) is rolling out for most devices in what would be considered the Alpha channel of the Chrome OS platform.

As a reminder to readers, the Chrome OS Dev Channel is the alpha testing channel for the platform and not intended for daily use.  It is aimed at testers and developers and will contain bugs and have crash issues as it is tested.

With Chrome 67, there are expected to be a number of changes to the platform.  These include a new keyboard shortcut viewer, a new power menu, the move of the virtual keyboard to a floating keyboard by defaultlock screen notifications and a new account manager.  Yeah, it’s chock full of stuff and that likely means it will be updated a lot as it resides in the Chrome OS Dev Channel.

As for the next steps, we likely will see this build roll into the Chrome OS Beta Channel sometime early in May, perhaps as early as next week.  This is the next step before it lands in the Stable Channel.  Right now, the Stable channel release is expected to happen around June 5th so a move to Beta falls in line with the 4-5 beta releases prior to being publicly released.


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