Chrome OS Beta Channel Updated to Chrome 67

As expected, the Chrome OS Beta Channel has officially been updated to Chrome 67 as the Chromium team prepares the next major update of the platform.  Chrome 67 will bring a number of improvements and features to Chrome OS and is slated for release on June 5th of this year.

The new build is 67.0.3396.26 (Platform version: 10575.22.0) which is the last build that landed in the Dev Channel late last week.  While it hasn’t happened yet, the Chrome OS Dev Channel should be updated to Chrome 68 later today. For those that are new to Chrome OS, the Beta Channel is the last stop before a release of the platform is sent to the Stable Channel.  The Dev Channel is what would be considered Alpha code.

Chrome 67 will bring a number of feature changes and improvements to Chrome OS.  While the new keyboard shortcut view made it into Chrome 66, we should see a new power menu, the move of the virtual keyboard to a floating keyboard by default, and lock screen notifications.

As mentioned, we still have a bit of time to wait before we see this build land in the Stable Channel.  Given that we are a month away, that will likely give the Chromium team four to five beta cycles to test with those who have Chromebooks in the Beta Channel.

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