Third Chrome 67 Build Arrives in the Chrome OS Beta Channel

As expected, the Chromium team at Google has released a new beta build for the Chrome OS Beta Channel.  The update is the third beta for the channel as it is prepared for release early next month.  The update is build 67.0.3396.49 (Platform version: 10575.40.0) for those keeping score at home and is available for most devices in the channel.  The update arrived on my Acer Chromebook 15 this morning so most users should be able to upgrade to it now.

For those new to Chrome OS, the Beta Channel is the last stop before a build of the platform is released to the public Standard Channel.  Generally there are three to five beta builds before a release.  Timing wise, we probably have one more beta build to go before it is released.

Chrome 67 is expect to bring a handful of feature changes and improvements to the platform.  In this build, we should see

Of course, there could be other features added that are experimental right now and the features mentioned above could drop out if there is a bug found.  But this what is generally expected.

If you want to add your Chromebook to the Chrome OS Beta Channel, you can do so by typing chrome://help in the browser bar and then tap on Detailed Build Information.  On that page you can change your build channel.  A reminder, as always, that the hint is in the name.   This is beta software so you could run into an issue or bug that can be problematic for.  It is recommended not to run your production Chromebook in the Beta Channel.

As for release date, that should happen on or around June 5, 2018 for Chrome OS.  Chrome 67 will generally be released on May 29th for the browser builds across various platforms.

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