Activity Dashboard in Google Docs Updated With New Insights of File Activity

Some improvements to the Activity Dashboard in Google Docs, Sheets and Slides are in the process or rolling out to G Suite domain customers.  The updates bring an easier way to email contributors on shared files right from the dashboard as well as a file activity chart to see access and editing information of a file.

The update is rolling out to G Suite Business, Enterprise, Education, and Nonprofit editions and everyone should see the new information in the Activity Dashboard over the next couple of weeks.

The first big improvement is the ability to email contributors to a Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides directly from within the Activity Dashboard.  From the dashboard, you can select all or individual contributors that you want to send an email link to the file to along with a message.  The ability to do this is located in the Tools menu of each of the apps.

Activity Dashboard in Google Docs

Activity Dashboard in Google Docs

Second is a new chart that shows you a trend chart of when a file is viewed over time.  This can be helpful in determining when viewing of a file has happened which can prompt a call to action if needed to complete the document or associated project.

Remember that unless you are on one of the domain accounts listed above you won’t see these features.

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