Google Assistant on Google Home Now Supports Spanish

Over the course of the past few weeks, there has been a lot of activity around Google Assistant, Google Home, and the Spanish language.  First there was the support for three dialects of Spanish, then Google Home becoming available in Spain.  Today we see all of this come together with Google announcing that Google Home now can speak Spanish.

With this update, which has already rolled out via a cloud side update, you can now configure Google Home to speak Spanish as you interact with it in your day-to-day activities or ask it to complete specific commands.  Considering that nearly 6% of the world’s population speaks Spanish, which is more than English speakers, it is a huge step forward for Google Home and Google Assistant.

To set Spanish as your default language on Google Home, open up the Home app on your phone, then navigate to More Settings on the menu.  Now go down to your Google Home device, tap it, then select the Assistant Language. There you will see the three Spanish dialects available to you.

Three Spanish Dialects in Google Assistant

Three Spanish Dialects in Google Assistant

Once you get things setup, you can then ask your Home questions in Spanish and get results back in Spanish.

The ability to configure your Home is across the entire product lineup – Home, Home Mini and Home Max.


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