Sixth Chrome 67 Build Lands in The Chrome OS Beta Channel

An unexpected sixth beta build of Chrome 67 has been released to the Chrome OS Beta Channel today, indicating that the Chromium team within Google are still sorting out a few last minute bugs.  The new build is 67.0.3396.78 (Platform version: 10575.54.0) and should be available to devices that are in the beta channel.  You can check for it by typing chrome://help in the browser bar and checking for the update.

The build likely contains a fix for a bug found in the Chrome 67 version of the browser, which has already been released and was patched yesterday.  The bug found was a significant security flaw.  It is probable that the Chrome OS team wants to make sure it is stable in the platform prior to releasing to the Stable Channel.  Chrome 67 was expected to go to the Stable Channel on June 5th which clearly hasn’t happened yet.

The delay is the second one in a row for Chrome OS.  The Chrome 66 release was about a week late of its scheduled release date which is likely going to repeat with 67 assuming no other show stopping bugs are found.

Chrome 67 is expect to bring a handful of feature changes and improvements to the platform.  In this build, we should see

As a reminder and for those who are new to Chrome OS, the Chrome OS Beta Channel is the final step prior to a new version being released to the Stable Channel, the normal public channel for the platform.

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