Google Calendar Now Suggests Rooms for Meetings in G Suite

Google G Suite customers are going to soon be able to benefit for a handy feature in Google Calendar.  Automatic Room Suggestions, based on your location, is coming to the web version of the app, allowing you to quickly see meeting rooms that are available based on where you are at the time.

The feature goes hand-in-hand with a release that happened earlier this year which would allow for rooms to be found based on where a guest was located.  Now, once admins have established the work location of an employee, they can see what rooms are available to them when they are setting up a meeting.

For admins, they need to configure user location information in Apps > G Suite > Settings for Directory > Profile editing and select “Work location.”  This will provide the API the information required to help locate a room.  Once this information is entered, employees can then use Google Calendar on the web and setup a meeting as normal.  There will be a new rooms tab which will show them available rooms.

Google Calendar Automatic Room Suggestions in G Suite

Google Calendar Automatic Room Suggestions in G Suite

Obviously, in addition to the employee work location information, admins will also need to configure room resources in order for this feature to work.

The feature itself is rolling out now and it is coming to all G Suite domains over the course of the next few days.  Look for it in the Admin panel and see what you think.

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