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Galaxy S7 Edge in Coral Blue Available for Pre-Order from AT&T

In all of the chaos surrounding Samsung at the minute, it would have been easy to miss that the South Korean company would be making a limited edition Blue Coral version of the Galaxy S7 Edge.  That color option will only be available in limited markets and fortunately, the United States courtesy of AT&T, will be one of them.  The carrier has added the Blue Coral option to their S7 Edge website, allowing customers or new to AT&T customers select the frankly stunningly beautiful muted blue phone.  While orders are being taken now, it won’t actually ship for another few weeks.  AT&T indicates that it will be shipping between November 18-22 this month.

Price wise, it is what you would expect for the flagship device from Samsung.  To buy it outright is $794.99 while you do have payment options thanks to the AT&T Next program.  For $26.50 per month you can use the Next program which is a 30 month payment option.  You can upgrade after you have paid 80% of the phone (roughly $635).  The AT&T Next Year program offers a 24 month upgrade plan which is $33.13 per month and you can upgrade after you have paid 50% of the value of the phone (roughly $397).

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Pre-Orders for the Galaxy Note 7 Have Started in The US

As expected, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has become available as a pre-order from the four major carriers here in the United States this morning.  AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon all have the phone available to order today through various payment options with delivery of the device expected to start happening on August 19th, the day the device becomes generally available.  Generally speaking, if you want to buy it outright, it is going to be at least $850 regardless of the carrier you go with but many are offering accessories when you pre-order your Note 7 (subject to availability).


Outright, the Note 7 is $879 from the carrier or you can do one of the AT&T Next programs.  The 30 payment option is $29.34 while the 24 payment option is $36.67.  Along with this, the carrier is offering a $695 in credits when you buy one Note 7 and want to get a second one.  It’s pretty close to BOGO.  Or, if you sign up for a 2-year contract with the carrier, they will give you a free Samsung Gear S2.  Lastly, you can pick up a Galaxy Tab 3 for .99 Cents with the purchase of a Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Now Available at AT&T

Earlier this week I posted about the new Samsung Galaxy S7 Active coming to AT&T today.  It is official:  AT&T has updated their website and the S7 Active is now available for purchase.  The phone is available in three colors – Sandy Gold, Green Camo and Titanium Grey – and an outright purchase of the phone will set you back $794.99.  The phone is fundamentally a Galaxy S7 that has been hardened to withstand drops and spills and packs a whopping 4000 mAh battery to keep you going all day long.  Keep in mind though that we aren’t talking about a S7 in a case.  The screen on the Active has been hardened as well to prevent it from breaking.  If you need a truly rugged phone, this is a great option for you.

AT&T Next Gets Slimmed Down Starting July 9

AT&T has announced that starting July 9th, they will be slimmed down their AT&T Next payment and upgrade program, from four options down to two for simplification reasons.  For those who aren’t familiar with the program, AT&T Next is an option that allows you to pay out your new Smartphone over 24 or 30 months with the option to upgrade you phone after 12 or 24 months of payments.  The program provides the ability to purchase phones at 0% interest so it is a great plan for AT&T customers who want a new phone but can’t necessarily shell out $500 or more up front.

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