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Team Drive Support Coming to The Chrome OS Files App

Good news this morning for Chrome OS users on G Suite domains that leverage Google Team Drive.  In the Chrome OS Dev Channel, native support for Team Drive is now available, meaning you can see your domain’s drive as well as your personal Google Drive account all within the Files app on your Chromebook.

For those that aren’t familiar with it, Google Team Drive is a more powerful version of Google Drive that consumers use, allowing for easy file management and sharing across the G Suite domain as well as a lot of advanced security to prevent file leakage.

Chrome 68 Will Bring New Add to Home Screen Behavior

The Chrome team at Google has announced that starting with Chrome 68, the banner to prompt users to add a site to their Home screen will be changing.  Today, when you visit a site and are prompted to add it to your Home screen, it is a rather large banner.  Starting with Chrome 68, this will be displayed in a mini bar at the bottom of the display.

The goal of all of this is to eventually have an install button option on the omni bar in Chrome and this is a stepping stone to that eventuality.

Third Chrome 68 Build Released to The Chrome OS Dev Channel

The third and likely last Chrome 68 build has arrived in the Chrome OS Dev Channel.  The new build is 68.0.3440.4 (Platform version: 10718.4.0) and is available for most devices.  If you have a device in what is considered the alpha channel for the platform, you should have the update available to you.  This build follows the update from last week to the channel.

With the promotion of Chrome 67 to the stable happening this week and next, it means that 68 should be promoted to the Chrome OS Beta Channel, likely next week.  Remember that Chrome 67 is expected to be released for Chrome OS on June 5th.

Second Chrome 68 Based Build Arrives in The Chrome OS Dev Channel

The second build based on Chrome 68 has arrived in the Chrome OS Dev Channel this morning.  The new build is 68.0.3431.0 (Platform version: 10682.0.0) for those keeping score at home and is available on most systems in that channel.

For those of you new to Chrome OS, the Dev Channel is what would be considered Alpha builds and often have a lot of bugs and odd behaviors, but also include some of the newest features that will be eventually be coming to Chrome OS.  Sometimes the features slip or accelerate depending on stability.  It is not recommended that you run your primary Chromebook in the Dev Channel as you will certainly run into challenges are things simply not working as expected.

Chrome 68 Arrives in The Chrome OS Dev Channel

As expected, the Chrome OS Dev Channel has been updated to Chrome 68, a few days after Chrome 67 made its way into the Beta Channel for the platform.  The new build is 68.0.3417.0 (Platform version: 10643.0.0) for those keeping score at home and is the first Chrome 68 build to make it to the Dev Channel.

For those that are new to Chrome OS, there are four primary development channels for the platform:

  • Canary – Pre-Alpha testing and can only be accessed via a “jailbreak”
  • Dev – Alpha testing
  • Beta – Beta testing
  • Stable – The production channel that the vast majority of users are in

The Chrome OS Dev Channel is not recommended for daily use and is aimed at testers only.

New Chrome OS Flag Bringing USB Access to Android Apps

Back in January, I posted about a new commit in the Chrome OS Gerrit that pointed to the ability for Android apps to be able to access a USB drive attached to your Chromebook.  At the time, it was only a commit and had not shown up in any channel for the platform but that now has changed.

The team over at Chrome Story had discovered a new flag that enables this feature in the Chrome OS Canary Channel.  The Canary Channel right now is based on what will be Chrome 68 so we are still several months away from it landing in the Stable Channel – but it appears to be coming.

Chrome OS Commit Points to Native SMB Share Support Coming to The Files App

A new commit in the Chrome OS Gerrit points to an exciting new features for Chromebook users who need to access shared network resources.  It looks like the platform is going to be gaining native Server Message block (SMB) support, and it may be as soon as Chrome 68

For those that may not be familiar with SMB, it is a client-server communication protocol used for sharing access to files, printers, serial ports and other resources on a network.  If you have ever accessed a network based file or printer, odds are very high you accessed it via SMB.

Chrome OS Build Release Schedule for 2018

We are only two months into 2018 but it is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Chrome OS.  This year is slated to be a busy one with 8 releases of the platform scheduled to happen this calendar year.  One of those, Chrome 64, has already happened but by the time we get to December, we will be rolling out Chrome 71 believe it or not.

The Chromium team has put together a tentative schedule of releases for Chrome OS for 2018.  While the calendar is subject to change due to unforeseen bugs or other issues, last year the team was pretty much on target all year with releases.  It is a reasonable bet that 2018 will follow suite.

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