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Google Lens Rolling Out Real Time Information Update

In today’s chapter of “It’s cool living in the future”, Google Lens is now broadly rolling out real time information and text selection features via Google Assistant.  The new features, which were highlighted at Google I/O a few weeks back, trickled out to some last week but now it appears that Google has pushed the cloud-side big button and it is now going out to everyone.

There are few different elements that are rolling out today that are pretty magical.  First, there is real time information element.  When you enable Google Lens (long press your Home button to activate Google Assistant and then tap the Lens icon in the lower right corner), you can point your camera at different objects.  If it recognized that object, you will get a colored bubble over that item which you can then tap and Assistant will give you information about it.

Google Assistant on Wear OS Can Now Give You Sports Scores

While it has been pretty clear the past couple of weeks the work that Google has put into Google Assistant on phones, that isn’t the only place they have been improving things.  Wear OS by Google has also been getting a lot of updates lately around Assistant and other features which has significantly improved the overall usefulness of Assistant on your wrist.

Just before Google I/O, Wear OS got a big update that, amongst other things, brought support for Actions in Google Assistant.  As part of that, you can now ask Assistant on your watch to give you a game or score update and have the information displayed on your screen in an easy-to-view format as well as an audio update on the game.

Google Assistant Now Lists “Your Actions” in The Explorer Tab

On the heels of Google I/O, the Mountain View company has been pumping out a lot of updates over the past few days.  Google Assistant was front-and-center for a lot of I/O last week and the company is continuing to push the information that you have in the app on Android and iOS devices.

A new addition has popped up in the Assistant app on Android, showing you a new Your Actions section.  It is found on the Explore tab of Assistant and is located at the very bottom of that tab.  Tapping the link for Your Actions will show you a list of actions that you frequently use and will include things that are a part of routines for Assistant.

Google Home Now Supports Google Play Movies & TV Through Google Assistant

It has taken a while, a lot longer than it should have frankly, but Google Home is now finally able to start up a movie or television show from Google Play Movies & TV.  The feature quietly snuck into Home and Google Assistant this week during Google I/O and didn’t get a lot of fanfare but it closes a loop in Google’s support of their own products.

If you have a Google Home and you have movies or television shows you have rented or purchased in Play Movies & TV, you can now ask Google Assistant to play a movie in your account to a Chromecast device in your home.  It works just like it does with Netflix and other services that are already supported by Home & Assistant.

Custom Routines Now Live in Google Assistant

It hasn’t taken Google long to bring some great new features to Google Assistant.  After announcing both new voices and customized routines yesterday at Google I/O, both are now live and available.  You can find Routines in the Google Assistant App under Settings>Routines.  There you will find a Floating Action Button (FAB) that will allow you to create a personalize routine for your Assistant.

The customization allows you to tell Google Assistant what to do when you give a particular command.  There are a lot of pre-built command that can be setup with just a couple of taps.

New Google Assistant Voices Now Available on Android and iOS

Yesterday at Google I/O it was announced that Google Assistant would be receiving six new voices that you could use to suit your personal preferences with as you interact with it on your phone or Home devices.  Just a day later, those new voice models are now live in the Assistant or Home app on your Android phone.

You can find the new voice models under Settings>Preferences>Assistant Voice.  There you can listen to a script read by each of the voices to pick the one you like the best.  There are three male and three female voices to chose from in addition to the stock male and female voices that have already been in Assistant.

Google Assistant to Support Continued Conversations and Multiple Actions

Today at Google I/O, the company announced some big new features are coming to Google Assistant.  In the coming months, Assistant will be able to handle multiple actions at once while also being able to continue a conversation with you as you interact with it.  This will be available on Google Home and on your Android and iOS phones.

Continuing conversations is a huge step forward as it will allow you to link various conversation elements together into one interaction without having to say “Hey Google” between each command.  It will make Assistant – which will also have six new voices – more conversational and natural to interact with in your day.

How to Stream The Google I/O 2018 Keynote Today

Today in Mountain View, California, the home of Google, the tech giant will be kicking off their annual developers conference.  Google I/O is one of the more important events and is the second developer conference going on this week behind Microsoft’s Build conference.

The event kicks off this morning at 10:00 am Pacific (1:00 pm Eastern) with the keynote address from Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai.  You can watch the streaming of his keynote on the Google I/O site, for free.

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