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Google Adds OTA Images for Nexus Devices To Developer Site

Google has made a small but important update to the Android Developer site that brings the OTA images of the latest updates to Android Marshmallow for Nexus devices which can be downloaded.  Before now, Google has had the full images of updates available for Nexus owners to update their devices but it required a full install and subsequent reset of their devices.  Now developers and users who like to flash their devices manually can do just the OTA update instead of having to do a full reset of their device.

Save 25% Off The Pixel C Running Android N

[Update] I just received the discount code.  All in, it took about 45 minutes from the time I submitted to the time I received it.  Not bad.  Again, your mileage will vary.

As part of the announcement releasing the technical preview of Android N, Google has also announced that developers can save 25% off of the latest Android tablet, the Pixel C.  But here is the interesting things:  It seems that anyone can get the deal.  Simply register your email address and you will be sent a discount code to use in the Google Store.

How To Force Nexus Device Marshmallow Updates

As a Nexus owner, I know every month that Google is going to release a security and bug fix update for Android Marshmallow my Nexus 6 and Nexus 7.  The challenge of course is when that update will actually hit my device after it has been released.  Google, like other manufactures, stage these updates and it can sometimes take weeks for it to hit your device.

Don’t get me started on carrier locked versions. -.-

While you can always manually check to see if the latest version of Marshmallow on your device (Settings>About Phone (or Tablet)>System Update), the reality is that really doesn’t get you moved up in the queue any faster and some have suggested it makes no difference at all.

There is however a way to force an update to your device by manipulating the Google Services Framework on your device.  Indeed it is quite possible that this method will work on non-Nexus devices but I have not tested it.  The key thing for you to keep in mind as you try this is that it may take you several attempts to get this to work – and it may not work at all.  In my case, it took me 1 try to get my Nexus 7 (2013) to update to the January build of Marshmallow but it took me no less than 6 tries to get my Nexus 6 to update to the same release.  Patience is important but this could be a way to get an update a bit quicker other than a full-on flashing of the device.  Also, do this at your own risk as you are manipulating how Android operates on your device.  You may have to restart your device and worst case reset it.

Google Pixel C Factory Images Now Available

Earlier this week Google released the Pixel C, their latest-and-greatest Android tablet, into the Google Store and now you can download the factory image of Android 6.0.1 for it.  The code name for the unit is Ryu and the latest build for the tablet is 6.0.1 (MXB48K).  Given that the Pixel C is a Wi-Fi only tablet, we likely won’t see a lot of variations on the factory images going forward which will make it easy for those who want to flash them to the device.

For those who aren’t familiar, factory images are full builds of Android for the various Google Nexus and Pixel devices.  Aimed mostly at the developer community, anyone can flash their device with the latest factory image if they want to regress to a previous version or want to always have the latest version of Android on their device without waiting for the carrier or Google to send out the over-the-air (OTA) update.  To use a factory image, your bootloader must be unlocked and you can find the full instructions on the Factory Images site.

Google Pixel C Hits The Google Store

Google has finally released the Pixel C, their latest Android tablet meets laptop replacement device, to the Google Play Store.  The Pixel C was announced at the Android Marshmallow and Nexus event a few months ago and it has only been a matter of when the Mountain View company would release it.  That wait has ended today with the 32GB unit starting out a $499 while the 64Gb until will start at $599.

Like Apple with the iPad Pro, Google is trying to develop an answer for the Microsoft Surface which this past month out sold the iPad lineup.  Google’s focus with the Pixel C is like the iPad Pro which is to bring laptop-like functionality in an easy-to-use and highly available device.  While it will remain to be seen if the 10.2″ display device will meet the need, many Android users and fans have been waiting for its release.

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