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Song Lyrics Now Show Up in Google Search & Google Play Music

A behind-the-scenes update and a new partnership with LyricFind has brought inline lyric viewing right within Google Search and Google Play Music on your Android phone.  The partnership with LyricFind brings lyrics to songs from over 4,000 publishers to the apps, making it much easier and smoother to find the words to your favorite song (and to figure out if you have been singing them wrong all these years!).

“We’re happy to expand the depth and quality of lyrics available on Google’s services,” says LyricFind CEO Darryl Ballantyne. “We’re working together to make lyrics available to a larger audience in a faster and more efficient way.”

LyricFind has been the main driver behind creating a legal and global lyric infrastructure for all platforms, and its partnership with Google further strengthens this mission. LyricFind collects new royalties for songwriters and rightsholders, and benefits music fans who engage more easily than ever with lyrics that inspire them.

Ultimate the good news for us Google users is that there is nothing we have to do to make the magic happen other than do a search.

TripAdvisor Teams Up With Google Play Music For Travel Soundtracks

TripAdvisor and Google Play Music have teamed up with a unique promotion that gives you unique stations in the music service for the locations you are searching in the travel app.  Here is now it works:  Type in a city or country you want to visit in TripAdvisor and when you find it, tap it.  Now scroll about halfway down and you will see a new Google Play Music section with unique stations for that location.  From there you can save these stations in your Music library for playing later.  The combination of the apps gives you great travel information and music germane to that location.

Celebrate Star Wars Day With Google Play Music’s John Williams Station

As just about everyone on the planet knows, today, May 4th, is Star Wars day.  Undoubtedly on your Google+ or Facebook timeline you will be told, more than once today, May The Fourth Be With You.  Yeah, it’s geeky but fun.  To add to your fun, head over to Google Play Music on your Android device (or on the web) and look up The Galaxy of John Williams radio station.  The station has been setup by the team at Play Music to bring you one place to get all of the great movie soundtracks, including those from Star Wars, in one station for your listening pleasure.

Google Adds Podcast Playing Directly From Google App on Android

On Monday, Google announced that audio podcasts were coming to Google Play Music for the first time with the feature already enabled on the web and an updated app coming to Android.  To make your life easier and to find those podcasts you want to listen to on your phone, the Google search app on your phone has received a background update to help you find and play them.  The good news is that there is no update of an app required for users.  This is all on the back end and it is already working.

Podcasts Make Their Way To Google Play Music

After months of rumors and speculation, Google has finally announced that audio podcasts are coming to Google Play Music on the web and Android.  The announcement was made early today and will require an update to the Google Play Music app on your Android devices.  As for the web portion, it is actually live now so you can start finding your favorite podcasts right now at  It has been a poorly kept secret that podcasts were coming to the app & service but it was all-but outed last Friday.

Shazam Lets You Buy Music in Google Music

Shazam has rolled out an update to their app for Android that has an interesting tie to Google Play Music.  With this update, when you are having the app listen to the music that is playing around you, it will provide you a link to purchase that song from within Google Play Music.  This complements the ability the app already has to buy music through Amazon Music and other services but it appears now that Google is the path they want you to go.

Google Play Music Improves YouTube Searching

Google Play Music for Android has seen a minor update today that brings some improvements around searching for YouTube videos in the app.  The updated build is version 6.4.21 for those keeping score at home and if you have the app installed on your phone or tablet, you should see the update come to you via an OTA in the coming days.  There isn’t much to report on as far as new features go, just the improvements around finding videos of your favorite bands or artists within the app.

Google Play Music Updated With Streamlined Search Function

Google continues to update and improve the Google Play Music app through updates but also some behind-the-scenes updates to the music app.  The latest little touch came last week in a more streamlined and uniform search windows in the app.  Searching within the app has always been there but it has functioned slightly different than the search function in other Google apps.  That, it seems, is no longer the case.  Now when you tap the search icon within the app you see your search history in a drop down list and you can of course search for new terms like artists, albums or genre.

The update came to Google Play Music as a behind-the-scenes update and does not require a new version of the app for your Android phone or tablet.  It will just appear for you when it is rolled out to your device.  At this point however everyone should be seeing it.

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