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iClever Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Great Performance and Design

Portable Bluetooth speakers are widely available in a wide range of prices.  With some you are buying the brand while others you are buying the audio performance but the two are not mutually exclusive.  iClever has been around for a few years now and have been making accessories for Android and iOS devices ranging from charging options to said Bluetooth speakers.  Their latest speaker option, the BTS04, is arguably one of the better values out there for this type of accessory.  The problem with many of these types of devices is that you end up with poor bass quality or poor treble quality.  Neither is the case in this affordably priced speaker and to top that, it looks nice and is even splash resistant.  That means you should have no worries about taking it out by the pool on a summer day.

Recently the team over at iClever sent me the BTS04 to review and I have to say I’m not disappointed.  While I do find the button combination of short presses and long presses a little confusing, overall I can’t fault the performance, size and sound quality from the speaker.  Here is my review.

Today’s Deal – iClever Water Resistant Bluetooth Speaker Down to $35

Today’s Deal is a great one for those of you looking for a solid performing portable Bluetooth speaker.  Right now you can pick up the iClever BoostSound BTS-04 speaker at Amazon for $35.99.  The speaker has 2 5W speakers and the chassis and casing of the speaker is made of aluminum for durability.  It supports Bluetooth 4.0 so you have 33 feet of range between your Android device and the speaker when you are using it.  The BTS-04 has a Multi-Function button that can allow you to quickly switch between Bluetooth and the Aux-in port if you want to do that and it supports being a speaker phone for your calls.

Today’s Deal: Big Sale on iClever Power Accessories

Today’s deal over at Amazon is not just one product but a wide range of products from iClever.  Today you can pick up a range of USB desk or travel chargers, wall chargers and car/airplane USB chargers from 15-70% off their regular price.  For example, you can pick up the iClever Boost Cube 6-port USB charger for $17.90 instead of the regular price of $29.99.  I reviewed that product last summer and it remains my primary USB charging point for my devices at my desk.

iClever Dual Port USB Wall Charger is $6.99 on Amazon With Discount Code

Today over at Amazon, you can pick up a great deal on the iClever dual port USB wall charger.  This charger, about the same size as the single charger for Apple’s iPad, sports two USB 2.4A ports and 24W of power to easily charge two devices at once.  It also has built-in LEDs in each port so you can find it in the dark and has iClever’s SmartID technology to charge your devices efficiently and quickly.

Normally this sells for $29.99 but right now it is on sale for $9.99.  However, for readers, if you use the Promotion Code PWFALWTA when you check out, you get an additional $3 off, making it just $6.99.  While you can pick up as many of these dual port chargers as you need, the promotion code will only apply to one of them so keep that in mind as you shop.

Review of iClever Bluetooth Keyboard

When it comes to Bluetooth keyboards, there are plenty to chose from in the market. The questions for most of use come down to two big factors: A comfortable keyboard layout (not too cramped) and the overall footprint of the device. It is a difficult combination to find but the team over at iClever have come up with what I think is an excellent and functional solution.  The iClever Foldable Wireless Keyboard gives you the full keyboard feel of a keyboard you would have on your desktop (or close to it) while it neatly folds into a compact square that you can easily carry with you without taking up a huge amount of room.  It works on any device that supports Bluetooth 3.0 or higher and it has OS-specific function keys for Android, iOS and Windows.  With a standby time of over 200 days and 84 continuous hours of work time, this keyboard should meet the needs of even the most demanding user.  All of this is in a package that sells for $34.99, a steal of a deal for all that this keyboard has to offer.

iClever Foldable Wireless Keyboard – $34.99 – Amazon

Review of iClever 6-Port USB Travel Charger – Great Value for a Reliable Travel Accessory

As I’ve pointed out many times before on this blog, I travel. A lot.  If I’m not at home then I’m likely in an airport and after well over 1 million miles of travel in my life, I’m always looking for ways to make it easier.  A few weeks ago, the Hisgadget team sent me the iClever 6-port USB Travel charger to review and I’ve been using it consistently over those weeks during my travels to see how well it performs and its durability.  I have to say on both counts, I’m quite impressed.  The iClever charger handled the wear-and-tear of being in and out of my travel bags without any damage or even the slightest view of wear.  Equally as important, the iClever quickly and efficiently charged both my OnePlus One and my Galaxy Tab 4 but also my Fitbit.

Priced at only $25.99 on Amazon, the iClever 6-Port USB Travel charge is an accessory you should take a lot at if you are looking for a quick and efficient way to charge your devices while at home or on the road.

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