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Microsoft Edge for Android Preview Sees Performance Update

For those of you are in the Early Release program for Microsoft Edge, look for an update to hit your devices today.  The update for the Android port of the Windows 10 browser is mainly aimed at bringing stability and performance improvements to the app.  No specific items were called out in the release notes other than these general statements.

It has been widely reported by those in the testing program that the Android version of the app is slower and less stable than the preview that is available on iOS.  This update is aimed at addressing some of those issues.

I’m part of the Early Release program on Microsoft Edge and I’ve already received the update.  In my very preliminary testing for this post, the browser certainly feels faster than the original build with improved rendering speeds on pages.

What’s New in The Fall Creators Update for Windows 10

What has commonly been referred to as the Fall Creators Update is now rolling out to Windows 10 PCs.  The update brings a lot of new features and refinements that reflects Microsoft’s direction for Windows 10 being the underlying platform for everything going forward on new technologies like Augmented Reality.

As you would expect, the Fall Creators Update has a massive number of improvements under-the-hood that in general, improves the overall performance of the Operating System.  Even if all of the new features don’t get you excited, the overall performance improvements will be welcomed.

But the real win with this update are the app improvements, new features and other general user experience additions.  If you compare Windows 10 when it was first released in July 2015 to this update, they are in many ways vastly different.  The Fall Creators Update adds a huge amount of polish to the platform and Windows 10 with it feels far more complete than any previous iteration.

If I tried to cover ever new facet of this update, this already long article would be even more TL;DR.  Instead, I’m going to highlight over a dozen of the top new features of functions in the update.   You’ll see that the updates cover a wide range of the elements of Windows 10, from Microsoft Edge to Photos to how you interact with Contacts.  It is a comprehensive update to the platform and one that I think the vast majority of users will want to upgrade to as soon as possible.

Microsoft Edge for Android Preview Now Live

For those of you who have been wanting to try Microsoft Edge on Android, now is the time.  The preview of the mobile browser went live a few moments ago and is now available to download and install.  You will need to be a tester for the app, which you can sign up to do here.  After that, you can download and install it on your Android Phone.

Microsoft released a preview of Edge last week for iOS with the goal to allow users of the browser on both their mobile devices and desktop to have a common browser experience.  Users will also be able to move Edge browsing experience from their phone to their desktop with the upcoming Fall Creators Update for Windows 10.  That update is due out on October 17th.

Microsoft Edge More Secure Than Google Chrome According to NSS

In a report from NSS Labs, the research company found that Microsoft Edge, the latest browser from the Redmond company, is more secure against phishing and malware than both Google Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox.  The set of reports, which can be downloaded here, tested three current versions of each browser over the months of September and October to get the results which will likely come as a surprise to some.  The versions tested for the reports were:

  • Google Chrome 53.0.2785
  • Mozilla Firefox 48.0.2
  • Microsoft Edge 38.14393.0.0

The first report focused on phishing where Edge achieved a 91.4% over the course of 12 days of testing at the NSS Labs in Austin, Texas in recognizing phishing URLs presented to it.  Chrome was at 82.4% while Firefox came in at 81.4%.  This is an important consideration in choosing a browser given the social engineering nature of phishing attacks which can lead to compromised accounts for users.

Microsoft Edge Beats Out The Competition in Battery Life

Microsoft has published a report comparing their newly updated Microsoft Edge browser against the competition and the results indicate that it is far more battery friendly than other browsers out there.  The report is similar to one that the company ran in June and this new report is based on the updated version of Edge in what is commonly referred to as the Anniversary Update of Windows 10 (Build 1607 for those keeping score).  The results indicate that Edge has seen some dramatic improvements since the release of the update.

At the risk of giving away the ending, the results may look familiar! With the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Microsoft Edge is more efficient than ever, and still the best choice for extending your battery life on Windows 10 – up to 24%-43% more efficient than the competition for general purpose browsing, and lasting up to 23%-69% longer when streaming video.
That is pretty impressive no matter how you cut it but Microsoft went much deeper into their research, offering both lab and real-world data to back up their claim.
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