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Second Chrome 67 Beta Lands for Chrome for Android Beta

A second Chrome 67 based build has arrived in the Chrome for Android Beta app.  The app update, which is now live in the Google Play Store, is build 67.0.3396.42.  Unlike other beta builds of apps in the Play Store, you don’t have to join a beta program to try it out on your phone.  Just download it here and you can run it at the same time that you run the stable version on your device.

To a large extent, Chrome 67 is a bit of a maintenance release with not a lot of new features expected.  The only real notable change is the Home button near the omni bar at the top of the display.

Third Beta for MacOS 10.13.5 Released to Beta Program Testers

Following up the release of the third beta of iOS 11.4, Apple has also released a third, and likely final, beta build of MacOS 10.13.5 to beta testers.  The Apple Beta Program is open to anyone with an eligible device and you can sign up if you want at this site.  Remember, it is beta software so you may find the odd bug or behavior as final testing is done.

Much like the iOS 3rd beta, the MacOS 10.13.5 3rd beta more or less is a polishing and bug crushing exercise.  There aren’t any new features of note other than those which are already known about, namely Messages in iCloud and AirPlay 2.

Third Beta of iOS 11.4 Released to Testers

Less than a month after the second beta for iOS 11.4, a new build is now rolling out to testers in the Apple Beta Program.  The update has all of the appearances of a bug fixing exercise as no new features have been noted by the beta testing community to this point.

If you want to test in the Beta program, you can register your device here.  Keep in mind that your device has to be able to run iOS 11 to register into the program.

As most readers will know, there are two significant features expected to arrive when 11.4 is finally released to the public:  Messages in iCloud and AirPlay 2.

Apple Releases Second Beta of MacOS 10.13.5 to Testers

Following up on the release of the second beta of iOS 11.4, Apple has released the second beta of the next build of MacOS High Sierra, MacOS 10.13.5.  The update is available to testers who have registered their devices in the Apple beta program.  If you have a registered device, the update should be available to you through the Mac App Store.

Not much is known about what is included in this second beta as Apple tends to not release many details on it.  Given it is a “dot” release, it more-or-less focuses on bug fixes and performance improvements as well as refinements to apps on the platform.  One thing that is known is that MacOS 10.13.5 will bring Message on iCloud which is now also in the afore mentioned second beta of iOS 11.4.

iOS 11.4 Beta 2 Arrives for Testers With Several Improvements

The second beta of iOS 11.4 has arrived for testers running their iPhones, bringing several bug fixes along with the new Messages in iCloud.  The beta is only available to those who have registered their devices in the Apple beta program with the official release of the new version expected to be late in May or early June.

The big new feature in this build is Messages in iCloud which returns to the beta program.  It originally showed up in the 11.3 beta program but was dropped and not released as part of that update.  It appears that Apple has been doing their homework and will allow users to enable it.  This will allow for new messages to be sync’d to your iCloud account along with photos and videos which will save space on your iPhone.

Third Chrome 66 Build of the Chrome for Android Beta App Released

A third, and very likely the last for this train, update has come to the Chrome for Android Beta app in the Play Store.  The update brings a new build of Chrome 66 to the app, build 66.0.3359.106.  As readers likely know by now, the Chrome for Android Beta app is a separate download from the stable Chrome app and can be installed at the same time so you can see and try out the new look and features.

The update will likely be the last as the stable version of Chrome is slated to be updated tomorrow, April 17th.  It is also possible that this .106 build will be the build that makes it to the stable build assuming that there aren’t any major bugs found in this late stage.

Second Chrome for Android Beta Build of Chrome 66 Released

For those of you who are running the Chrome for Android Beta app, there is a new update for you this morning.  The new build is the second build in the Chrome 66 train for the mobile browser and carries the updated version number of 66.0.3359.46.

The second build comes a week after the initial Chrome 66 build was released which is slated to be released on or around April 17th.  As a reminder, with the Chrome Beta app is a seperate app in the Play Store which you can download without having to join a formal beta program.  You can use it along side your stable version of Chrome on your phone with no problem.

Chrome for Android Beta Updated to Chrome 66

The Chrome for Android beta app has been updated today in the Play Store, upping the base code to Chrome 66 for the mobile browser.  The new version is build 66.0.3359.30 and represents the first Chrome 66 beta for Android.

Unlike other beta programs in the Play Store, there is no sign up to get the Chrome beta for Android.  You can download it here and install it on your compatible devices.  Like all beta software however, its not recommended to run it as your daily browser or deploy it into production as there are likely still bugs to be found and there could be performance issues.

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