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Poweradd Soundfly – A Powerful Bluetooth Speaker That’s All About That Bass

The market for Bluetooth speakers is, in a word, crowded.  There are a huge number of options out there in a wide range of price ranges to match the selection.  The challenge is finding the right balance between price and performance.

I may have found one such well balanced speaker in the Poweradd Soundfly.  This Bluetooth speaker has an elegant design with touch controls and produces fantastic audio quality, especially when it comes to bass.  That’s thanks to the four speaker and bass radiator design and the built-in DSP processor.  It also has a built-in battery so you can take it with you outside or to that family gathering in the park.  All of this for $79.99 makes the Soundfly an option to consider.

Recently the team at Poweradd sent me a 40W Soundfly to review and without giving away the story, I have no problem in recommending it.

Today’s Deal – AUKEY Mini Bluetooth Speaker for $16.99 with Coupon

Today’s Deal is another great accessory from the folks over at AUKEY.  Now through September 1st, you can pick up the AUKEY Mini Bluetooth Speaker for $16.99 over at Amazon.  This 5W speaker measures just 65 x 67 x 67mm, or 2.56” x 2.64” x 2.64” in old money, so it is perfect to take along with you on road trips, having in your office, or outside as you work or play.

The special price comes thanks to a coupon code from AUKEY for ClintonFitch.com readers.  When you check out, use the code AUKEYSP7 when you check out.  The price will drop from the normal $24.99 down to the special price.

The AUKEY Mini Bluetooth Speaker offers 5W of full range sound with up to 10 hours of battery life between charges.  It connects to your phone via Bluetooth 4.2 so you can use it up to 33′ away and it automatically reconnects to your phone when it is in range.

iClever BoostRun Bluetooth Headset – Solid Performance at a Great Price

Finding a sports Bluetooth headset can be challenging.  Either you get stuck with sub-par sound quality or have to pay a reasonable percentage of the cost of your actual phone for them.  I’ve noted on other products that iClever has seemed to have found a balance between these too challenges.  I’ve reviewed multiple products from them over the past year and they always seem to pack a lot of punch for the price.  The iClever BoostRun headset is no exception.  With outstanding audio quality, solid battery performance and a lightweight, don’t-really-notice-it-is-there design, the BoostRun meets the need for a resilient headset that you can use in the gym or on a run.

Recently the iClever team sent me the headset, which by their product name is the IC-BTH06, for review and after using them for the last few weeks, I have no problem in recommending this headset if you need a lightweight headset for your workout.

iClever Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Great Performance and Design

Portable Bluetooth speakers are widely available in a wide range of prices.  With some you are buying the brand while others you are buying the audio performance but the two are not mutually exclusive.  iClever has been around for a few years now and have been making accessories for Android and iOS devices ranging from charging options to said Bluetooth speakers.  Their latest speaker option, the BTS04, is arguably one of the better values out there for this type of accessory.  The problem with many of these types of devices is that you end up with poor bass quality or poor treble quality.  Neither is the case in this affordably priced speaker and to top that, it looks nice and is even splash resistant.  That means you should have no worries about taking it out by the pool on a summer day.

Recently the team over at iClever sent me the BTS04 to review and I have to say I’m not disappointed.  While I do find the button combination of short presses and long presses a little confusing, overall I can’t fault the performance, size and sound quality from the speaker.  Here is my review.

Today’s Deal – iClever Water Resistant Bluetooth Speaker Down to $35

Today’s Deal is a great one for those of you looking for a solid performing portable Bluetooth speaker.  Right now you can pick up the iClever BoostSound BTS-04 speaker at Amazon for $35.99.  The speaker has 2 5W speakers and the chassis and casing of the speaker is made of aluminum for durability.  It supports Bluetooth 4.0 so you have 33 feet of range between your Android device and the speaker when you are using it.  The BTS-04 has a Multi-Function button that can allow you to quickly switch between Bluetooth and the Aux-in port if you want to do that and it supports being a speaker phone for your calls.

Review of The Coocheer CH-080 Bluetooth Speaker – Excellent Sound in A Small Package

When it comes to Bluetooth speakers that you can connect to your Android phone, the field of choices is bountiful.  You can spend a little money and not get a lot of sound or you can spend a lot of money and, well, get great sound at a high dollar-per-decibel rate.  Then enters Coocheer.  The little company based in the Silicon Valley area has what may be the best compromise of price, performance and functionality.  At only $11.99, the CH-080 Bluetooth Speaker is an outstanding value for what you get in this compact, well designed, easy to use and excellent sounding speaker.  Recently the company sent me the CH-080 to review I have to say, it is pretty darn impressive.

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