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Today’s Deal – AUKEY USB-C Hub is Under $35 on Amazon

Today’s Deal is for anyone who needs a HDMI port or USB-A port for their USB-C powered devices.  On most new Chromebooks, like the Google Pixelbook, you have just USB-C ports.  The same goes for the new MacBook Pro from Apple.  Sometimes you need a HDMI port to connect to a monitor or projector, or need to access that older USB flash drive.  That’s where the AUKEY USB-C Hub can come in handy.  Priced at $34.43, it gives you plenty of ports to work with to get your day done.

In all, the hub (model CB-C60 for those that are curious) gives you six ports and connects to your Chromebook or MacBook Pro via the connected USB-C cable that is just under 6″ (150mm) in length.  You have one USB-C port which works as a pass through for charging your device while you are using the Hub (up to 60W).  You have four USB-A ports that support USB 3.0, giving you up to 5GB of data transfer speed.  Finally, you have a 4K HDMI port to connect your Chromebook or MacBook Pro to an external monitor.

Today’s Deal – AUKEY 5-Port USB Charger for $25 at Amazon

Today’s Deal at Amazon is on the AUKEY 5-port USB Desktop Charger.  This five port USB charger isn’t much larger than a credit card and one of the ports is fully Quick Charge 3.0 compatible.   If you have a device that has this technology, you will benefit from a rapid charge, something most desktop chargers don’t built into them.  Today on Amazon, you can pick one up for $24.99 and it is completely compatible with Android phones as well as your iPhone.

Full disclosure:  This is the desktop USB charger that I use at home.

With this charger from AUKEY, you can charge up to five devices at one.  Each of the USB ports outputs 5v of power and can charge devices at 2.4A, making it compatible with really any smartphone out there.  Four of the ports have the company’s adaptive charging technology to make sure that devices charge at an optimal rate but also protects against surges and overcharges.  The fifth port, noted with an orange insert, is the Quick Charge 3.0 port.

Today’s Deal – AUKEY USB-C Braided Cable 5-Pack for $14.99

Today’s Deal is on a 5-pack of durable, USB-C braided cables from AUKEY.  The pack of cables consists of one 6.6′ cable, three 3.3″ cables and one 1′ cable.  All of the cables are USB-C to USB-A so they you can plug them into any standard USB port.  Today and the rest of this week, you can pick up this pack of cables for $14.99 when you use the coupon code AUKCM007.

The cables support USB 3.1 and have data transfer rates up to 5Gbps while safely charging your devices at up to 3A with a 56k ohm resistor.  That means that the cables are able to take on Samsung’s Adaptive Fast Charging or Qualcomm Quick Charge to charge your compatible devices quickly, efficently and safely.

Today’s Deal – Multiple AUKEY PowerBanks On Sale Today

As part of Cyber Monday, AUKEY has rolled out some big discounts on their Amazon storefront on a wide range of PowerBanks.  AUKEY PowerBanks are some of the best external power packs for Android and iPhones out there, offering a lot of power in small packages.  Chances are, there is something for everyone in this sale.

How it works with AUKEY is straightforward.  You find the product on Amazon (links below) and use the provided coupon codes to get the discounted price.  You will enter the coupon code during the checkout process.

AUKEY 20000mAh Portable Charger, Slimline Design Power Bank

This model has three USB ports, one USB-C port and one Lightening port so it will charge any Android or iPhone.  With the 20000mAh battery, you can charge an iPhone 7 nearly seven times and a Galaxy Note8 four times.

The pack is normally $39.99 but you can get it for $32 with the coupon code AUKCM010.  Head here to check it out.

AUKEY 30000mAh USB-C Portable Charger with Quick Charge 3.0

As the name suggests, this PowerBank has a 30000mAh battery and supports USB-C, USB-A and Quick Charge 3.0 on one of the two USB-A ports.  This pack will generally give you an additional charge of your phone over the 20000mAh pack mentioned above but it will certainly charge your non-USB-C devices faster with the QC 3.0 tech.

The pack is normally $59.99 but you can get it for $45 with the coupon code AUKCM012.  Head here to check it out.

Today’s Deal – AUKEY Bluetooth Speaker and PowerBank for $78 with Coupon

Today’s Deal is on one of those accessories that just makes sense when you stop to think about it.  The AUKEY Bluetooth Speaker with a PowerBank built-in not only gives you great sound quality but can charge your phone at the same time.  This is the new SK-M33 model from the company and right now you can pick one up for $78 at Amazon.

To get the special pricing, you will need to use the coupon code AUKEYM33 when you check out.

The SK-M33 features 35W speakers that provides full range audio that is clean and crisp.  It also has DSP technology integrated that utilizes MaxxBass tech for enhance bass performance as well as improving overall power effeciency.  Connecting your phone can be done either by Bluetooth or the provided 3.5mm audio cable.

The real trick though of this AUKEY speaker is the built-in PowerBank.

Today’s Deal – AUKEY 27W USB-C Wall Charger for $17 with Coupon

Today’s Deal is great for those with a USB-C phone, tablet or laptop and you need an extra wall charger.  The AUKEY 27W USB-C wall charger is able to charge all of those devices quickly and efficiently while not compromising safety.  Normally this high powered charger is $25.99 but now through November 1st, you can pick one up for $17.93 on Amazon.

In order to get the discounted price, you will need to use the coupon code 4IPHONEX when you check out.

The AUKEY charger delivers up to 27W of energy, making it capable of charging most Chromebooks and MacBooks as well as phones and tablets.  It supports Quick Charge 3.0 technology and is backwards compatible with 2.0 devices.  It is a small, lightweight charger that has folding AC prongs so you can drop it into your backpack without it snagging on anything.

Today’s Deal – AUKEY 20000mAh Power Bank With USB-C for $33.99 With Coupon Code

Today’s Deal is on the beefy AUKEY 20000mAh Power Bank.  Designed to allow you to charge your phone multiple times, you can now pick up the external pack for $33.99 on Amazon.  To get the special price, you need to use the coupon code AUKEYPP2 when you check out.

This Power Bank comes with three ports.  It has two USB-A ports that have outputs of 5V/2.4A while there is a single USB-C port that outputs at 5V/3A.  You can charge up to three devices at once with the AUKEY Power Bank but charging times do take longer.  All three ports are protected by the company’s AiPower technology to assure consistent and safe charging of devices.

Today’s Deal – AUKEY SoundTank Speaker for $33 with Coupon

Today’s Deal is on the AUKEY SoundTank, a bluetooth speaker that is ruggedized and water resistant that provides 30 hours of playtime.  Right now you can pick one up for $33 when you use the coupon code CY228BZI when shopping at the AUKEY storefront on Amazon.  The deal is good through October 1st.

The AUKEY SoundTank has dual 5W speakers and connects to your devices using Bluetooth 4.1.  That gives you a connection range of about 33′ so it’s great for indoor or outdoor use.  It has a 2600mAh that provides up to 30 hours of playback time.  Connections can be made to the speaker via Bluetooth or the AUX input with a 3.5mm audio cable, which is included.

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