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Google Gboard Update Brings New Languages and Improved GIF Tools

Google Gboard, the keyboard app from the Mountain View company, has a new update rolling out that brings some improvements and new language support.  The updated build is version 7.31 for those keeping score at home and should be widely available at this point.

A few months ago, in May, Gboard gained the ability to create your own GIFs using your phone’s camera.  With this update, you can add text to your GIF.  This allows you to make them a bit more personalized.

Gboard for Android Update Brings The Ability to Make Your Own GIFs

The latest update to Google’s keyboard app Gboard for Android is rolling out and it is bringing a lot of new features.  With the update, version 7.2.9 for those keeping score at home, will allow users to create their own GIFs to share with others.  The feature requires that you give Gboard access to your camera and when you do, it will fire up the selfie camera on your phone to record about 3 seconds of video.  It then uses the video to create the short animation and will allow you to add filters to it as well.

The new feature is found when you open up Gboard for Android and then tap on the emoji icon (the smiley face) then tap on the GIF option.

Google Acquires GIF Platform & Keyboard Tenor

Google has announced that they have acquired Tenor, the GIF platform and GIF keyboard creator.  Terms of the deal were not disclosed but the long term goal is to bring Tenor technology to Google Image Search as well deeper integration into Gboard.

The company will continue to operate as a separate entity under Google and you will still be able to access their site and use their keyboard app.

Gmail Update Brings GIF Keyboard Support

A small update to Gmail is currently rolling out to the Google Play Store that brings support for GIF keyboards from within the app.  The update is build for those keeping score at home and who like to play Google version Bingo.  When it is installed, you will be able to insert GIF animations directly from the keyboard instead of having to go to another app, then copy-and-paste it into your message.  In order for it to work, you have to be using a GIF supporting keyboard like Google’s own Gboard.

Once you have the update, inserting GIFs is done like it is any other app when using a supporting keyboard.  You can search for GIFs from the keyboard, tap them, and they are inserted into your messages.

Google Docs Adds GIF Insertion into Documents

Google Docs has an update rolling out today that brings the ability for you to insert a GIF animation into a document… and it not break!  The update comes into Google Docs but there are also updates to Google Sheets and Google Slides too.  All of these updates are in rapid release which means that users should see the updated versions of these apps hit their devices over the course of the next few days.

For all three apps, you now have the ability to not only view your Trash folder for the app but also restore files from your trash folder.  Now you don’t have to go to the desktop version of Docs, Sheets or Slides to do a file restore.

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