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Google Vault Update Brings Customizable Google Hangouts Retention Policy

A new update for G Suite paying customers is rolling out that brings a handful of improvements to the Google Vault feature.  With the update, you will be able to set a custom retention length of time for Hangouts Meet recording as well as be able to set a policy for user’s Drive trash folders.

For those who are not G Suite users or who are unfamiliar with it, Google Vault is your domain’s retention policy manager when you use the service from Google, allowing you to set how long things like emails and files are retained along with Hangouts Meet recordings and search results.

Team Drive Support Coming to The Chrome OS Files App

Good news this morning for Chrome OS users on G Suite domains that leverage Google Team Drive.  In the Chrome OS Dev Channel, native support for Team Drive is now available, meaning you can see your domain’s drive as well as your personal Google Drive account all within the Files app on your Chromebook.

For those that aren’t familiar with it, Google Team Drive is a more powerful version of Google Drive that consumers use, allowing for easy file management and sharing across the G Suite domain as well as a lot of advanced security to prevent file leakage.

Google Team Drive Sharing Security Features Now Rolling Out

A new set of content security features have begun to roll out to a wide range of G Suite domains today, allowing for greater control of what content within Google Team Drive are shared with others both inside and outside their domain.  The features, which were previewed back in March, are now rolling out to G Suite Business, Enterprise, Education, and Nonprofit domains today for Admins while users will get controls starting on June 4th.

The features are aimed at keeping confidential and sensitive intercompany data from being leaked or accidentally shared with those who should not have access to it.  Now admins can set domain level restrictions on what can be shared while individual Google Team Drive owners can select specifics for specific files – but the domain controls will override everything.

For those that don’t recall, Google Team Drive is the G Suite equivalent (with a lot more features) of the consumer oriented Google Drive.

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