Google+ for Android Gets A New “Delete, Report, and Block” Feature for Comments

Google+ Block Report and Delete Option

A new cloud-side change is rolling out to the Google+ app for Android that brings the same “Delete, Report, and Block” feature that is found on the web site to your mobile.  So long as you have the latest G+ app installed on your phone, you should see this new feature roll out over the course of the next few days.

Google+ has had a spam problem for a long time and the company has continued to try to give administrators of communities and collections the tools needed to deal with it.  The ability to delete a comment, report it and block the user is something that admins have had for a while but with this update, everyone gets it.

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Google Image Search on Mobile Now Shows Image Titles

Labels in Google Image Search

A small but handy new feature has come to Google Image search on mobile devices.  The feature shows you the image title or the page title where the image is found in the search results.

If you go to and do a search, you will now see the image title or page title as well as the URL in which it is found.  There is nothing that you need to do on this as it is a cloud-side change.

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Google Assistant Routines Begin Rolling Out to Everyone

Google Assistant Logo

After being announced late last month that they would be coming soon, Google has finally rolled out Routines for Google Assistant.  The six routines allow you to perform certain tasks and get information all with one “Hey, Google” command on your Google Home device or your Android phone.  They are designed to make the experience more personal but also more helpful by not having to give Assistant multiple commands to get information.

In all there are six Routines that rolled out today:

  • Good Morning
  • Bedtime
  • Leaving home
  • I’m home
  • Commuting to work
  • Commuting home

It should be noted that both of the Commuting routines are only for your smartphone and won’t work on your Google Home.

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Google Assistant App Expands Support for Lollipop, Tablets and iPads

Google Assistant on iPad

Google’s efforts to have Google Assistant available on all the things took another step forward yesterday.  The company released an update to the stand alone app, essentially a shortcut to Assistant, for both Android and iOS that expand device availability and functionality.

First, for Android, two big changes came to the Google Assistant app.  It can now run on devices running Android Lollipop which greatly expands the overall number of devices that Assistant can run on.  Second, support for tablets has also arrived on the app.  So instead of the app looking awkwardly huge and only in portrait mode, it now works in landscape and looks like a proper tablet app.  Keep in mind that both of these were actually supported by Assistant last year.  This update to the Assistant stand alone app just adds the support.

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Google+ Update for Android Brings Minor UI Changes

Google+ White Navigation

Google has released an update to the Google+ app for Android.  The new update, version for those keeping score at home and who like to play version numbering BINGO! brings mostly minor cosmetic changes to the social and community network app.

The most noticeable change when you get the update will be the bottom navigation bar.  That bar had a dark theme to it in previous versions but now sports a light background.  Essentially it makes the UI of Google+ much more white.

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Google Adds Four New Apps to Auto Provisioning for G Suite

Google G Suite

Adding to an already impressive list of apps that can be auto provisioned by G Suite admins, Google has added four more popular apps to the mix.  For those that are new to auto provisioning, this allows an admin to provision an account in a popular service or services along with their G Suite account at the time it is setup or later if the service is added to the domain.

The announcement today brings auto provisioning support for

  • Kudos
  • 15Five
  • Rollbar
  • Honey

That brings the total number of auto provisioning supported apps to 22.

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August Smart Locks Expands Google Assistant Support

August Smart Lock

August, the company behind some of the best smart locks on the market, have announced a deeper, more direct integration with Google Assistant.  Now owners of the smart locks will be able to directly interact with them from Assistant.

To be clear, August has worked with Google Assistant for about a year ago and to access your locks, you had to say, “Hey Google, talk to August”.  Now you can simply say, “Hey Google, is the front door locked?” and Assistant will interact with your August lock directly to determine if it is locked or not.

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