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Microsoft Waives Fees for Skype Calls to Puerto Rico

The US territory Puerto Rico was for all intents-and-purposes destroyed a couple of weeks ago by Hurricane Maria.  Millions are without power and even basic human needs like food and water are scarce.  One of the challenges is for people here in the US to get in contact with friends & family on the island since the hurricane but Microsoft is trying to help.

Until further notice, calls to Puerto Rico landlines and mobile numbers will be free via Skype.  The company announced the waiving of fees this morning and it is in effect for both domestic and international calls via Skype.

Microsoft Rolling Out Integration of Cortana and Skype on Android

Microsoft is in the process of rolling out a new integration between their personal assistant, Cortana, and the Skype messaging client.  The new integration essentially makes Cortana a chat-bot inside of Skype, allow it to give you suggestions for replies to messages, get weather and news information, as well as facts and other information.  In order for it to work, you have to give Cortana various permissions for Skype and since it is rolling out now, not everyone is seeing it just yet.

If this sounds familiar as an Android user, it should.  Essentially Microsoft is replicating what Google has done with Allo and Google Assistant which, for Windows 10 PC users and those who are heavily in the Microsoft ecosystem, this is great news.

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