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Tiny Troopers Comes to Windows on your Tablet or PC

Tiny Troopers, the top-down army assault game, has migrated from Windows Phone to Windows PC today.  Tiny Troopers features 30 explosive missions spread across three chapters, all tied together into an involving, narrative-driven campaign. Your troops will get stronger and more battle hardened the more missions they survive. Can you keep your squad alive through the whole war?  It’s a fun game and one that I’ve have spent hours playing on my Lumia 1320.

Tiny Troopers for Windows – Free – Download Now

Market Share Numbers Show Signs of Life For Windows Phone

Windows Phone market share increased in some markets globally in Q4 of 2014 according to the research firm Kantar.  The numbers, which make up the last three months of 2014 and are based on phone activations, saw the share go up France, Germany and Australia while the United States, United Kingdom, Italy and Spain all saw Windows Phone share drop.  Overall, the global market share of Windows Phone is at about 2.28% globally according to Net Market Share, which is pretty dismal no matter how you try to spin it.

Windows 10 can’t come fast enough.

OneNote for Windows 8.1 Gets Password Protection Support – But Still Half-Baked

The OneNote for Windows 8.1 has been updated and it finally brings support for accessing password protected sections in your OneNote notebooks.  But it still isn’t complete support which means you still need the desktop version of the app.  Why Microsoft?  Why?

Review of Microsoft Bingo – A Fun Twist On An Old Classic

There are some classic games out there that many of us grew up playing at one time or another.  Bingo is likely one of those games, be it at home with family or in a bingo parlor.  While often associated with seniors, Bingo is a fun game and can be quite competitive.  Microsoft has captured that well in their Microsoft Bingo app.  This universal app for all Windows platforms gives you both that competitive nature of the game along with giving you awards thanks to Xbox Live integration and frankly it has proven to be hours of fun as I’ve prepared this review.  Whether you like the game or not, here is my review of Microsoft Bingo, a fun classic for your Windows devices that even casual players can enjoy for free.

Microsoft Bingo for Windows Phone – Free (In-App Purchase) – Download Now

Microsoft Bingo for Windows PC & Tablets – Free (In-App Purchase) – Download Now

Remote Desktop App for Windows Phone Updated

Microsoft has released an update to their Remote Desktop app for Windows Phone.  The update, version 8.1.7 for those keeping score, brings the normal bug fixes but also brings a new feature that heavy users will find a big benefit.  Now you can pin apps to the Start screen on your Windows Phone.

In addition to this, automatic refresh of Azure RemoteApp has been added to this update for those who use that service.

The app is free and available now in the Windows Phone Store

Remote Desktop app for Windows Phone – Free – Download Now

ASUS Transformer Book T100 2-in-1 PC – $199 At Microsoft Stores Today

Today’s 12 Days of Deals Promotion at Microsoft Stores brings another great deal for those looking for a new Windows powered PC.  The ASUS Transformer Book T100 2-in-1 PC is available right now at Microsoft retail locations for only $199.  That is a savings of $130.  If you don’t have a store near you or want to shop online, you can still save $80, with a price of $249.

ASUS Transformer Book T100 – $249 Online ($199 at retail stores) – Microsoft Store

Microsoft Music Deals App for Windows and Windows Phone Updated

The Music Deals app for Windows and Windows Phone has received a minor update this week, brining several new features including Share, Pin, Home and Help buttons.

For those who aren’t familiar with the Music Deals app, it is a relatively new app that brings deals to Xbox Music users weekly.

Remote Desktop App for Windows Phone Adds Azure Support

Microsoft has released a minor update to the Remote Desktop app for Windows Phone, fixing a few issues but also bringing support for Azure RemoteApp to your device.  For those who are not familiar with Azure RemoteApp, this is the cloud-based solution for applications for businesses so they can have them in a centralized location but be accessed remotely via devices running Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Your company’s applications run on Windows Server in the Azure cloud, where they’re easier to scale and update. Users can access their applications remotely from their Internet-connected laptop, tablet, or phone. While appearing to run on the users’ local device, the applications are centralized on Azure’s protected, reliable platform.

For those of you who have been around Windows business solutions for a while, think of this as a really advanced, highly stable, Windows Terminal-like solution.  Just really, really big.

Remote Desktop for Windows Phone – Free – Download Now

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