How To Pin A OneNote Note To Your Windows Phone Start Screen

OneNote has become a serious player in the note taking app space but it is much more than just for notes.  OneNote allows you to create everything from lists to notes with embedded photos to being a platform to sync content from Office Lens or other apps on your Windows PC and Windows Phone.  In Windows Phone there is a big feature that is often overlooked but can be very handy, particularly for lists or a note you need to continually access.  That feature is the ability to pin a note to your Start screen on your Windows Phone.  In this How To I will show you just how to do this in OneNote so you can take advantage of it.

In OneNote on Windows Phone, go to the notebook and then to the note that you are wanting to pin to your Start screen.  Any note you can pin to your Start screen on your Windows Phone, even

Pin To Start Menu Option in OneNote

Pin To Start Menu Option in OneNote

those with embedded images or other files.  Once you get to the note you want to pin, go to the menu button in the lower-right corner of the OneNote app and open the menu.  The 3rd option down is to “Pin to Start”.  Tap this and you will be taken back to your Windows Phone’s Start screen where the note that you just pinned will now appear.

While there is no real limit to the number of tiles you can pin to the Start screen in Windows Phone (there is a maximum of 15 tiles that can receive Live Tile updates beyond the built-in apps) there is a practical limit.  The more you pin – be it apps or OneNote notes – the more scrolling you will have to do to get to those apps.  The idea behind being able to pin these notes is to give you quick access to the two or three you need access to all the time.  After that it may be faster and less confusing to open up the

A Pinned Note on The Windows Phone Start Screen

A Pinned Note on The Windows Phone Start Screen

OneNote app itself.

Note also there is a limit to what can be pinned to the Start screen in OneNote.  It has to be a note at this point and not a notebook.  This is a sizable limitation in my mind as the need to pin my notebook for say my work meeting notes is more important to me than a specific note about a specific meeting in that notebook.  Hopefully with Windows 10 and the updates coming to the Office apps we will see better pinning abilities in OneNote.

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