The Top 10 Most Read Articles From 2015

2015 was a breakout year for and I have you to thank. Thank you for reading the posts, commenting here, on Twitter and Google+ and for following. Without you, there really would be no point to the site.

I have been running this site since 2004 and while it has gone through many iterations, every year I look back to see what caught your eye over the course of a year. 2015 is no exception.  I like looking back as it gives me an idea of what you want to see out of the site and the content you find most valuable.  Ultimately that is want I want to provide to readers.  With that then, here are the top 10 most read articles from 2015.

#10 Most Read Article in 2015: Real Racing 3 Gets A Massive Porsche Update And New Daily Rewards (July)

Just a month after its big Le Mans update, Real Racing 3 has received another massive update that brings a host of new features, cars and tracks.  If you are a Porsche fan, you will just love this update!  Even if you aren’t, the new daily reward system is much improved for those who play the racing sim daily and want to race against your friends?  It’s easy now with the Android Party Play functionality built into the game.

#9 Most Read Article in 2015: Real Racing 3 Gets a Massive NASCAR Update (June)

You peeps like your Real Racing! 🙂

Arguably one of the best mobile racing simulators available today is Real Racing 3. It has outstanding graphics and game controls and the FireMonkey team over at EA Sports are continually adding to the game, bringing more tracks and more cars. Now, finally, it has NASCAR.

#8 Most Read Article in 2015: BLU Announces Lollipop Coming To A Wide Range of Devices (May)

BLU over the weekend announced that Android Lollipop will be coming to a wide range of their devices over the course of this summer.  In a post on Google+, the Florida based company posted that they will have the latest version for their devices in the May and July time frame depending on the device.  The news is good for those who have the devices, especially those on the mid to lower end where Lollipop upgrades from many OEMs are coming few and far between if ever.

#7 Most Read Article in 2015: AccuWeather Update Brings Google Now Support (July)

The AccuWeather app for Android phones and tablets has received a nice but small update that brings support for Google Now to the app.  It is the latest in a long line of apps that have started to support the Google Now feature which is part of the Google Launcher.  With the update, you will start receiving weather information cards in Google Now on your device.  The AccuWeather update is for those keeping score at home and is available now in the Google Play Store.  There are two versions of AccuWeather:  A free, Ad-supported version and a non-ad version for $2.99.

#6 Most Read Article in 2015: Huawei Mate S Wallpapers Now Available (September)

Earlier this week at IFA in Berlin, Huawei announced the Mate S, a new 5.5″ Android phone that has some pretty impressive specs.  If you are looking for an overview, the team over at Android Central have put together a great first impressions post on it.  One of the things that is really impressive about the Mate S are the wallpapers.  They are gorgeous and I’ve manged to get all of them for your viewing pleasure.  You can find them on the Android & Windows Phone wallpaper page here on the site and be prepared, they are awesome.

#5 Most Read Article in 2015: How To Get The Old Google+ Back (November)

Yesterday we saw all the hype around the new Google+ website and upcoming Android apps.  For some, this change has been welcomed while others have found it not so great.  The verdict is still

Google Plus New Notifications (1)

Google Plus New Notifications

out but as a die hard Google+ user, I like what I see so far.  That said, I’m a realist and this new version of the social site is very much a work in progress (Google’s words, not mine).  There are things that don’t quite work the way that you would expect and some of the overall user experiences need to be smoothed out.

#4 Most Read Article in 2015: How To Enable Do Not Disturb in Android Marshmallow (October)

If you are like me, next to my bed each night is my Android phone or tablet.  I use either of them for reading in the evening to wind down and given that my mobile number is the only number most of my family have for me, I want to have it near me in case of emergencies.  That said, I work for a global company and I get email at all hours of the day and night and the occasional call when someone forgets the world is round and we have time zones.  What I don’t want – and my wife really doesn’t want – are these tones and rings waking us up at night. Likewise, I don’t want the vibration of my phone sitting on my nightstand waking me up.

#3 Most Read Article of 2015: Fixing Google Inbox Notifications on Your Android Device (August)

Google Inbox is the new and improved email app for Gmail that been met with mix feelings.  It is certainly a more clean email app that puts your emails into bundles (think categories) automatically to decluter your device.  It works but if you are a hardcore Gmail user on your Android phone or tablet, it will take some time to adjust.  But personally I like it and encourage you to give it a try.  Google Inbox is another app that Google has ported out of their builds of Android as stand alone apps much like Google Calendar.

#2 Most Read Article of 2015: Review of Google Messenger – A Solid and Colorful SMS App (May)

Google Messenger for Android

Google Messenger for Android

Overall I have been quite pleased with Google Messenger. It is solid, easy-to-use messaging app that integrates nicely into my Android experience. It has a nice set of features and functionality which, while they could be improved in some areas, generally are better than most built-in messaging apps. I appreciate that this app isn’t the most sophisticated out there and certainly isn’t going to win a feature bake-off but if you need a simple, clean looking messaging app, give Google Messenger a try.

The #1 Most Read Article of 2015:  Review of Project Fi – Ready for Prime Time (November)

After using Project Fi for two months, I’m nothing short of impressed. The quality of calls and data throughput are outstanding and the Project Fi app is the perfect companion to the service. The service is pre-paid but you are credited back any data that you do not use monetarily, making it a great value when you compare it to the other big carriers in the United States. Plus, because it can be used in over 120 different countries, you avoid the massive roaming and international fees too. It has made

Project Fi Data Use

Project Fi Data Use

this 18 year veteran of another carrier switch and not look back.


So there you have it, the top 10 articles that you read on the site in 2015.

Happy New Year to all of my readers and here is to a prosperous and techie 2016!


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