Google Confirms Audio Fix for Pixel 2 in The Works

To say that the launch of the Google Pixel 2 lineup is off to a rocky start would be an understatement.  There has been a huge amount of debate about the display on the devices and audio issues that have cause distorted audio or “popping” sounds.  Google’s addressed the display issues both with an explanation and some software tweaks that will be coming to the devices.  Now we know that there will be fixes for the audio challenges too.

According to CNET, Google has told them that fixes for the audio issues on the Pixel 2 are in the works and will be rolling out “in a few weeks”.  When is a few weeks exactly?  Not sure but it is unlikely to be bundled in the November Android Security Update.  That should be released next Monday, November 6th.  It will likely be a supplemental update for the phones.

The audio issue in question has to do with audio sounding “Tinny” when using the phone’s video recording function.  The issue seems to be worse on the XL model but is impacting both models.

A second audio issue, and a more widespread problem, has to do with “popping” sounds when playing audio.  The issue has been isolated to when the NFC functionality is enabled.  This too is being addressed by a software update and is in the works.

The bottom line for Pixel 2 owners is that Google knows of the audio issues and they are going to get them sorted.

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