AI-Driven Grammar Suggestions Coming to Google Docs

In their continuing effort to AI all the things, Google announced at Google Cloud Next yesterday that grammar suggestions will be rolling out to Google Docs in the near future.  The Mountain View company has already opened up the Early Adopters Program signup for those who are on G Suite and want to give it a try.

The feature works as you would expect and is similar to other tools provided by other apps, most notably Microsoft Word in Office 365.  When you have a word or phrase that grammatically needs to be improved, it will be underlined in blue.  You can then click on it and get the suggestion for improvement and either accept it or reject it.

In the keynote address at Google Cloud Next, Google Vice President Dianne Green pointed out that their grammar checker should be more accurate and complete given that it is using artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide the suggested improvements.

Google Docs Grammar Suggestions

Google Docs Grammar Suggestions

As for when this new feature will roll out to everyone is not known.  If the past is a measure to go by, it will likely be a few months.  Google tends to keep things in the Early Adopters program for a period of time to assure that the feature works as planned before doing a wide release.  This new feature should follow that same path.

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