Android Pistachio Name Dropped Inadvertently By a Huawei Support Tech

The weeks leading up to a new release of Android are always fun, especially when it comes to the guessing game of what the new version will be named.  Google famously names each version after a tasty sweet treat, like Android Oreo for example.  The question to this point has been what will Android P be named?  Well, it seems Android Pistachio could be in the mix.

The Polish site TableTwo from one of their readers who reached out to Huawei support regarding the recently announced Oreo update for their phones.  In the exchange, which you can see the screenshots of at the link above, the tech drops the name Android Pistachio as the name of the next version.

So a couple of things to consider.  First, the general thought is that Android v9.0 is going to be Pistachio something… like Pistachio Ice Cream.  It fits the sweet treat criteria and is a pretty easy name to go with given there aren’t a lot of P named sweet treats.

Personally, as a big fan of Hersey’s Payday candy bars and would be good with Android Payday…. but I digress.

It also could be that Tabletwo, you, me and a few others are being completely trolled.  It is very possible that Google’s partners, like Huawei, have been given Pistachio as a partner code name for the version but that won’t actually be the final name of it.

The question is, as an Android fan, could you live with Android Pistachio as a name for the next version?  Leave a comment.

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