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Today’s Deal – AUKEY USB-C Braided Cable 5-Pack for $14.99

Today’s Deal is on a 5-pack of durable, USB-C braided cables from AUKEY.  The pack of cables consists of one 6.6′ cable, three 3.3″ cables and one 1′ cable.  All of the cables are USB-C to USB-A so they you can plug them into any standard USB port.  Today and the rest of this week, you can pick up this pack of cables for $14.99 when you use the coupon code AUKCM007.

The cables support USB 3.1 and have data transfer rates up to 5Gbps while safely charging your devices at up to 3A with a 56k ohm resistor.  That means that the cables are able to take on Samsung’s Adaptive Fast Charging or Qualcomm Quick Charge to charge your compatible devices quickly, efficently and safely.

Today’s Deal – Choetech Nylon Braided USB-C Cable 3-Pack for $13

Today’s Deal comes from Choetech on their durable USB-C cables.  Right now you can pick up a 3-pack of the nylon braided cables for $12.99 on Amazon.  That’s a $7 savings off the regular price.

The 3-pack of cables includes two 1m (3.3′) cables and one 2m (6.6′) cable, all of which support up to 5Gbps transfer speeds and USB 3.0.  All of the cables are USB-A to USB-C and are, of course, backwards compatible to older USB 2.0 and 1.1 connectors (but you lose the transfer speeds).

Today’s Deal – AUKEY USB-C Cable 5 Pack is $14.99 on Amazon

Today’s Deal over at Amazon is on a 5-pack of AUKEY USB-C cables for $14.99.  The pack contains one 1′ cable, three 3′ cables, and one 6′ cable so you will have plenty of options for getting your phone charged in various locations.  Equally as important, on the USB-A side, they are USB 3.0 standard.  That means you will get up to 5GB/sec of transfer speed.  That makes this particular deal especially good given most of the time these cables are the slower USB 2.0 standard.

These cables from AUKEY are compatible with any USB-C device:  Phones, Tablets and MacBooks which have the port.  As you likely know, USB-C is reversible so it doesn’t matter how you insert the cable into your device, it works and charges your devices or can transfer data between them.

AUKEY backs up the pack of cables with a 24 month warranty so you if by chance you haven’t heard of them, you know you are going to get support should something go wrong.  Personally, I have this pack of cables and I have found them both excellent performers but also very durable.  They seem to be able to withstand the testing of being bent and not fraying or cracking.

For those of you who are Amazon Prime members, the shipping on the cables is free.

Head over to Amazon to check out the deal and to order.  There is no limit to the number you buy but as is often the case, when supplies go the shipping will be delayed until new stock arrives.

Today’s Deal on Amazon – AUKEY USB-C 5-Pack for $14.99

Today’s Deal – 3-Pack of Anker USB Type-C Cables for $18

Today’s Deal is on a 3-pack of 3′ USB Type-C cables from Anker.  This pack of cables is great for those with a MacBook Pro, a Nexus or Pixel phone or any other USB Type-C device and today it is down to $18.69 on Amazon.  Long time readers will know that I have recommended Anker products for a long time.  They work well, have great durability and are backed by a great warranty.

Anker Powerline USB Type-C Cables

Anker Powerline USB Type-C Cables

Virtually every cable I have in my office is Anker and I don’t see that ending any time soon.

This 3-Pack gives you three Type-C cables that are designed to give up to 5Gbps transfer speeds (although most devices can hit that mind you), are rubberized for durability and protection of the cabling inside and, on the USB Type-A connector, supports USB 3.0 technology to give you fast throughput. The cables also have a kevlar lining to help them withstand thousands of bends as you use them.  They are built to last and should do that for you but, like other Anker products, these cables are backed up with an 18 month warranty against defects.

The deal on Amazon is for today only and the pack of cables does have Amazon Prime shipping (free) for those who are members.  There is also no limit on the number of packs you buy in Today’s Deal but the price is good while supplies last.

Today’s Deal – Archeer USB C Charging Dock – $11 on Amazon

Today’s Deal over at Amazon is a great one if you are looking for a charging dock for your USB Type-C devices.  Right now you can pick up the Archeer USB C Charging Dock for just $11, a savings of 72% off the normal $27.95 price.  The stand is designed to hold your Android phone charge it thanks to a connection on the back for a standard MicroUSB connector which you plug into an electrical source.  This won’t give you fast charging but, as it is designed to sit on your desk, fast charging may not be as big a deal for you.

Today’s Deal: Anker USB Type-C Wall Charger – $21.99

Today over at Amazon you can pick up a great deal on the Anker Quick Charge 3.0 USB Type-C wall charger.  Normally this wall charger and Type-C cable combo is $51.99 but today you can pick it up for $21.99, a savings of 58%.  The package comes with the wall charger which has a Type-C connection and supports Quick Charge 3.0.  That means that if you need to charge your phone, you can get up to 80% of full battery power in about 15 minutes of charging.

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