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Swarm Update Brings Improved Stats and History of Your Check-ins

Foursquare’s social check-in app Swarm has seen a nice update over the weekend for most users, bringing a lot of changes and new information for users.  The update is version 4.0 for those keeping score at home and it started rolling out to the Google Play Store on Friday.  Most users by this point probably have the update via an OTA but if you don’t, you should see it any time.  For those who aren’t familiar with Swarm, it is an app where you can check into places and earn virtual coins as you climb the ranks amongst your friends.  These coins can be spent on stickers which multiply your score throughout the day or week.

Swarm for Android Gets a Massive Update With Stickers Galore

The Swarm for Android app has received a huge update this week, bringing a whole new line up of stickers to the app and a new sticker book.  The update will vary in version number depending on your device.  In my case, my KitKat running BLU VIVO IV is on version 2015.05.04.19 for those keeping score at home.  The update brings back many of the elements of Foursquare before the company decided to split up the apps last year.  Swarm is the dedicated check-in app while Foursquare is the local content app (which is pretty good BTW).  When they did this split, things like Mayorships and stickers went away from a collecting point-of-view.  While Mayorship still hasn’t returned, you can now at least see in one place all of the stickers you have earned (use to be called badges) in one place, the Sticker Page.

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Foursquare Releases Minor Update to Address Cortana Issues

Foursquare has released a minor update to their Windows Phone app that addresses issues around the app’s Cortana integration.  The update, version for those keeping score at home, has only one issue that is addressed in their release notes: Addresses an issue when opening places for Cortana.  It is not clear how widespread the problem has been or if it was specific to particular devices.  Regardless, if you use the app, get the update to avoid any potential problems.

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Foursquare App Update Doesn’t Require An Account For Recommendations

The latest update to the Foursquare app for Windows and Windows Phone (Universal) brings an interesting twist to once hugely popular location check-in app.  You can now get personalized recommendations from the app on your devices without actually having to have a Foursquare account.  It is a significant shift for the app as Foursquare continues to focus on their main app as being personalized local content while their other app, Swarm, is for checking and more of the social networking side of the business.  Foursquare is shifting to a service instead of something you do.

This shift has not been received well by hardcore Foursquare users (Clinton raises his hand too) but it is clear that Foursquare wants their app to be the one that you get recommendations around you, even if you aren’t a registered Foursquare user.

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Swarm for Windows Phone Update Brings Emoji Keyboard

Foursquare has released an update to their Swarm for Windows Phone app with a wide range of updates and improvements to the app.  The headline improvement is that Swarm now has a Emoji keyboard which can be used for shouts, plans and check-in along with plan comments. The update is listed as version 1.3 and is available now in the Windows Phone store.

If by chance you are not familiar with Swarm, this is the new check-in app from Foursquare that was released back in the early summer.  Foursquare the app has turned into more of a location discovery app (which is quite good by-the-way) while Swarm has taken over as the check-in app.

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