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You Can Now Get Recipes from Tasty on Your Google Home

Actions for Google Assistant continue to be added at a pretty fast clip and most of them we don’t hear much about.  They just show up in the Assistant app on your phone and then you can use them there or on your Google Home.  However, every once in a while, Google highlights a new Action like that have with Tasty. is a fantastic recipe site that gives you step-by-step instructions and videos to cook just about anything.  Now it is even easier by simply asking your Google Home to talk to Tasty.

Google Home Now Available in Austria, Ireland, and Spain

A few weeks ago Spanish support for Google Assistant was added in what at the time looked like a precursor to Google Home being available in the country.  Today that has proven to be the case.  Now on the Spanish Google Store site, you can order a Google Home for €149 (roughly $172) and a Google Home Mini for €59 (roughly $68).

While Spain was expected due to the the Assistant support, the fact that Austria and Ireland also now has Home available came as a bit of a surprise.  Google had not previously announced these two countries, but given the rate of expansion that the Mountain View company has aimed for in 2018 both with Assistant and Home, it isn’t too big of a surprise.

Google Assistant on Google Home Now Can Handle Three Commands at Once

Google Assistant has a nice update rolling out to it that allows for you to give it three commands at once when interacting on your Google Home.  The change falls in line with some of the announcements at Google I/O last month, including requiring less verbiage to make things happen.

A few weeks back, the ability to give Google Assistant two commands rolled out but it still required a lot of words to make happen.  For example, you could say, “Hey Google, turn on my office lamp and turn on the kitchen lights” and it would do so.  Now, however, you can cut that phrasing down to “Hey Google, turn on my office lamp and the kitchen lights”.

Google Assistant Update Brings Support for Three Spanish Dialects

A small, quiet update has rolled out to Google Assistant that allows you to set your default language in three Spanish dialects.  The update, which is a cloud-side update, allows for users to set España, México, and EE.UU as their default language.

The addition of these different dialects almost assuredly means that expansion of Google Home into Mexico and Spain is just around the corner as that has been Google’s pattern in previous Google Home and Google Assistant expansions this year.

Google Home Now Supports Google Play Movies & TV Through Google Assistant

It has taken a while, a lot longer than it should have frankly, but Google Home is now finally able to start up a movie or television show from Google Play Movies & TV.  The feature quietly snuck into Home and Google Assistant this week during Google I/O and didn’t get a lot of fanfare but it closes a loop in Google’s support of their own products.

If you have a Google Home and you have movies or television shows you have rented or purchased in Play Movies & TV, you can now ask Google Assistant to play a movie in your account to a Chromecast device in your home.  It works just like it does with Netflix and other services that are already supported by Home & Assistant.

Google Assistant to Support Continued Conversations and Multiple Actions

Today at Google I/O, the company announced some big new features are coming to Google Assistant.  In the coming months, Assistant will be able to handle multiple actions at once while also being able to continue a conversation with you as you interact with it.  This will be available on Google Home and on your Android and iOS phones.

Continuing conversations is a huge step forward as it will allow you to link various conversation elements together into one interaction without having to say “Hey Google” between each command.  It will make Assistant – which will also have six new voices – more conversational and natural to interact with in your day.

How to Stream The Google I/O 2018 Keynote Today

Today in Mountain View, California, the home of Google, the tech giant will be kicking off their annual developers conference.  Google I/O is one of the more important events and is the second developer conference going on this week behind Microsoft’s Build conference.

The event kicks off this morning at 10:00 am Pacific (1:00 pm Eastern) with the keynote address from Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai.  You can watch the streaming of his keynote on the Google I/O site, for free.

Google Home and Google Home Mini Now Available in India

The expansion of Google Assistant and Google Home globally continues with India becoming the latest country where you can buy the smart speakers.  The Home and Home Mini are now available there and support a wide range of apps and services found in country.  As for price, the Google Home is  ₹9,999 (roughly $154 US) while the Home Mini is  ₹4,499, or $69 US.  Both are available exclusively through Flipkart.

While Google recently rolled out Hindi support for Google Assistant, they aren’t supported in India on the Home devices just yet.  For now, users will have to use English (India) as their settings but Hindi support is expected shortly.

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