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OneDrive for Windows 10 Update Brings Video Playback Controls

The OneDrive app for Windows 10 has a new update rolling out to users that brings new video playback controls.  The update build, version 17.27 for those keeping score at home, allows you to skip forward or backwards in a video that you are viewing within the cloud storage app.  You can skip backwards in a video in 10 second intervals while skipping ahead is done in 30 second intervals.

Microsoft has also built in keyboard shortcuts in support of the video playback skipping.  By pressing Ctrl+B, you can skip backwards.  Pressing Ctrl+F skips you forward.

OneDrive for Android Brings Improved SharePoint Support

Good news for those of you who use OneDrive in the enterprise.  A new update to the app is rolling out now in the Play Store that brings support for SharePoint 2013 and 2016 to it.  The update brings the app to version 5.0 for those keeping score at home.

With this new version of OneDrive installed on your Android phone, you will now have access to file that are stored in SharePoint.  That means you can open and edit them and you will have the ability to do so even if you are offline.  It is a big step forward for enterprise users who were limited to pretty much having to use their desktop to access SharePoint and edit files.

Microsoft OneDrive Update Brings Scanning and Photos Improvements

Microsoft OneDrive for Android has a new update rolling out that brings some significant improvements to key features within the storage app.  The updated build is rolling out in the Play Store now and should be landing on devices that have it installed via an OTA update over the course of the next few days.

The first big improvement in this update is around the Scan feature.  Microsoft OneDrive has had a scanning feature built in for a while now but it was pretty limited.  Now they have essentially taken the Office Lens app and integrated it with OneDrive to give you a far superior experience.  You can now crop and clean up scanned documents within OneDrive which is a direct leveraging of Office Lens’ features.

Microsoft OneDrive Now Requires NTFS for Storage Locations

Over the weekend, Microsoft began rolling out a background update to Microsoft OneDrive which forces the use of NTFS for Windows users.  The update caught more than a few off guard and while the Redmond company has been pushing for broader adoption of NTFS, this pretty much forces the issue.

NTFS, unlike FAT or FAT32, is much better at managing space and has more security options.  FAT in its original 8-bit form was created all the way back in 1977 while FAT32, the 32-bit version of it, was created with Windows 95 back in 1996.  No matter how you look at it, FAT is old and security, performance and scaleability have all improved under NTFS.

OneDrive Update Brings Offline Folder Support

The OneDrive app for Android has a new update rolling out in the Play Store.  The update, version 4.13 for those keeping score at home, brings a new offline folder feature and an improved Discover view for corporate and education Office 365 subscribers.  The new offline folder feature, however, is only for individual users.

In the last update to the app, users were able to select individual files that they wanted to keep offline.  The idea was to give users the ability to work on a file while they did not have Internet access then, when a connection was restored, the updated file would be uploaded to the cloud storage service automatically.  This is the exact same way it works in this update, only you can select an entire folder and all of its contents to be available offline.

OneDrive for Android Update Brings Offline Folder Support

Microsoft has rolled out another update to OneDrive for Android, bringing the ability to mark folders available for offline use.  The updated build is version 4.12 for those keeping score and is out in the Play Store now.  Expect the update to hit your devices over the course of the new few days.  The new offline folder feature is available for Office 365 Personal, Home and Solo users currently with support for work and education accounts “will be rolled out soon!”.  When is soon?  That’s not clear but given Microsoft’s consistent updating of their Android apps, likely not very long.

But not all is lost in this update for work and education users of OneDrive.  This update brings an updated design to the Discovery view which now gives you access to a feed of the most relevant content across your company or campus.


OneDrive Update Brings Ability to Select Multiple Files With One Swipe

Let’s all take a moment and give Microsoft applause.  One of the most requested features from users of OneDrive has finally, finally made it into the app for Android.  You can now select multiple files with a single swipe on your phone or tablet.  The new feature is in the latest build of the app for Android, version 4.10 for those keeping score at home.  Once you have the update installed, if you are viewing your files or photos in tile view, you can use the new multiple file selection.  Just tap and hold the first file or photo you want to select. When you see the blue checkmark on that file, swipe across your phone’s screen to select multiple files.  Don’t lift your finger!  You have to tap-hold-swipe all in one motion.

Microsoft has been working hard on a lot of their Android apps lately, working to implement features that users have requested in them.  This is the latest example of it and users of OneDrive will be happy campers today.

How to Microsoft Your Android Phone

One of the biggest benefits to Android as a platform is its flexibility.  Google, much to their credit, has made it very easy for developers – including companies that compete with them – to produce apps for Android to sell or give away.  Microsoft, much to their credit too, has taken advantage of this openness.  The Redmond, Washington company as certainly competed with Google and more directly Android but equally, have produced great apps that allow you to stay within the Microsoft ecosystem without too much pain.  In fact, really no pain.

If you are new to Android but your personal and/or work life is surrounded by Microsoft applications, take heart.  You will find that Android is more than capable of giving you a rich, powerful Microsoft experience without the sacrifices in other areas.  I’m of course referring to Windows Phone.  Clearly the Microsoft experience on Windows Phone was outstanding but even the apps on that now all-but-dead platform lacked when you compared them to those for Android or even iOS.

In this How To I’m going to highlight some of the key apps from Microsoft that will make your Android phone (and in most cases tablets) a solid performing and excellent user experience for those who have their digital work or personal lives in Office 365, OneDrive and other apps.  While those apps are expected, it is the other apps that Microsoft offers that may be a surprise to you.

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