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Nextbit Robin Drops to $299 Everywhere

The Nextbit Robin, the flagship phone from the Silicon Valley startup, has dropped to $299 pretty much across the board now, including at the Nextbit store.  For the last few weeks you’ve been able to get the $299 price on Amazon but now pretty much everyone has it for this price.  For those who may not remember, this was the same price for the Robin during the company’s Kickstarter program last year and for a 32GB, Marshmallow running device, it is a great deal.

Nextbit Robin June Software Update Now Rolling Out

Good news for those who have the Nextbit Robin.  The June software update from the startup has been released for their first phone and is rolling out to devices now.  The update contains several improvements and fixes for the Robin.  The update also includes the June Android Security update which makes the Robin one of the first devices out there to get the security update that was released on Monday.

Nextbit Robin Down to $299 May 4-10 on Amazon

Amazon has teamed up with Nextbit to offer a great deal on the Nextbit Robin over the course of the next week.  Starting at midnight Pacific time tonight (May 4th) through the 10th of May, you can pick up either the Mint version or the Midnight version of the unique cloud storage Android phone for just $299.  That is $100 off the regular price and it is the same price that the company offered early adopters back when it was a Kickstarter project.  Regardless of which color you select, they are eligible from Prime shipping so that 2-day shipping cost?  That’s free.

Nextbit Robin Now Available on Amazon

After being available only from Nextbit directly, the Nextbit Robin has finally come to Amazon.  The phone is available for the same price of $399 and it is available in both colors, Midnight Blue and Mint and has the full US warranty as well.  Basically this will give you the option to buy it on Amazon if you do a lot of shopping with the online retailer and want to get it fast thanks to it being Prime eligible.

Nextbit Robin Update Brings Big Improvements

After teasing the update last month, Nextbit has released the big update to the Nextbit Robin that brings a slew of improvements and updates.  The update is rolling out now as an OTA update and should hit all devices out there over the course of the next few days.  The banner part of the update is, of course, Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 and the update includes the April security update as well so you are getting the latest-and-greatest version of Android on the device.

Nextbit Robin Upcoming Update Brings Camera Updates

For those who have a Nextbit Robin, April is going to be a fun month for you.  The company took to Twitter and Periscope and announced that a new build of Android Marshmallow will be coming to the device along with some fixes around the camera app in the device.  The startup company indicated that the update will be based on Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 but there is no indication at which security patch will be included in the update.  Hopefully it will have at least the March update but by the time the update is released, the April patch could well be included.

Nextbit Cancels CDMA Version of Robin

The news is a bit disappointing this morning for those who have been waiting for the Nextbit Robin to come in a CDMA flavor.  It isn’t going to happen according to company co-founder and CEO Tom Moss.  There are several reasons why the cancellation happened including the timelines involved and the information they were going on about building a CDMA version was inaccurate.  The news means that for those of you who were wanting the Robin on Sprint or Verizon, it won’t be happening.  If you are one who backed Nextbit through their Kickstarter program or if you pre-ordered a CDMA version of the phone, you will be a full refund.

Nextbit Robin To Merge Phone Storage & Cloud Storage

The startup team over at Nextbit have finally launched their first glimpse of their first smartphone, the Nextbit Robin, or simply the Robin.  This new smartphone will be powered by a pure version of Android Lollipop (with Marshmallow in the works) and will have a unique blend of cloud storage and on-device storage.  The reality is that we all access cloud storage on our devices anyway.  Nextbit’s point is why not leverage that to its fullest.  That’s exactly what the San Francisco company wants to do with their first smartphone.

To that end, you won’t find massive amounts of storage built into the Nextbit Robin – 32GB.  But it comes with 100GB of cloud-based storage with apps designed to help you keep track of just how much storage you are using.  Plus, it dynamically moves apps (not your personal data) to the cloud storage when you have not used that app for a long time.  That way you can free up space on your phone but instantly get that app back on the device.  Its a slick concept.

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