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Download The Galaxy Note 7 Wallpapers

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is expected to be released by the end of this month but you can already download all of the stock wallpapers that will come on the device.  In total there are nine available and you can download them here on the site.  The wallpapers are a mix of the classic Samsung wave wallpapers that we have come to know on other devices along with a few colored lines against a black background.  All of them look pretty good, adding a bit of new and a bit of staying with what has worked in the past.

I’ve put thumbnails of each of the papers here in the article after the break to speed up loading times for those who aren’t interested in them.

Download The Complete Set of OnePlus 3 Wallpapers

Yesterday I posted the stock wallpaper for the OnePlus 3 and based on traffic, a lot of you have enjoyed it.  I’ve not collected all of the stock wallpapers that come on the device and have them here for you to download.  In all, there are 5 wallpapers with the OP3 including the stock wallpaper with the “Never Settle” branding.  All five of the wallpapers are posted after the break so if you want to get them, continue on.  All of these wallpapers were created by Hampus Olsson who was also the creator of the wallpapers for the OnePlus 2.  The work is beautiful in my view and I thought the same of the ones for the OP2.  Those wallpapers, by-the-way, you can find on the Wallpaper Page.

Download The OnePlus 3 Wallpaper

As everyone knows by now, the OnePlus 3 was launched today by OnePlus.  You can get all the specs on this year’s “Flagship Killer” from the company from this post I made earlier.  As with any new phone however, the real treat for many is getting the stock wallpaper.  Now you can do that right here.  After the break you will find the stock or default wallpaper for the OnePlus 3 available for you to download and put on your own device.  It is beautiful wallpaper in my opinion that is colorful and artistic.

Download The New Android N Preview 3 Wallpapers

As part of the 3rd Developer Preview of Android N, four new wallpapers made their way into release.  The better news is you can download them all here on the site.  The new wallpapers continue the trend of having natural scenes for wallpapers and all four of them are beautiful.  Three of the four are beach/surf scenes while the fourth is a close up texture image.  They look great on phones and tablets and are all 2880 x 2560 resolutions for your large screen devices.

To save everyone who isn’t interested from having to have the page render, I’ve added the images after the break.  You can tap on each one then right-click to save it or you can visit the wallpaper page and check out the hundreds of wallpapers I have over there.

What is interesting to this point is that there have been no Material Design wallpapers in any of the Previews so far.  All five of the wallpapers in N have been nature scenes so it will be interesting to watch if a new Material wallpaper or set of them comes when the final build of N is released later this year.

Enjoy these new wallpapers on all of your devices and given their size, you may even find them pretty nice to view on your PC, Mac or Chromebook too.

Download The HTC 10 Wallpapers

While we are still a few weeks away from the launch of the new HTC 10 from HTC, the leaks around this device have been, well, more like a stream than a leak.  When it does launch on April 12th, I suspect there won’t be much mystery to it over than the final specs of the camera (which have been touted as “world class” by HTC) and the price.  One thing you don’t have to wait on however are the wallpapers from the device.  The stock four wallpapers that are coming on the device are right here and ready for download.

Download The Android N Stock Wallpaper

As you all know, Android N is now available in developer preview (beta) for a select set of Nexus devices.  As I pointed out in my post, it is certainly beta and unless you have a device that you don’t need as your daily driver, you most certainly should wait.  That said, there is no reason you have to wait for the stock wallpaper from N!

Download All The Samsung Galaxy S7 Wallpapers

While the phone itself is still a few weeks away from being released, the wallpapers for the new Samsung Galaxy S7 have been leaked and I have them all right here on the wallpaper page.  Samsung has always produced some great looking wallpapers for their devices and the ones for the S7 are no exception.  Following their traditional flowing lines that they have had in the S4, S5 and S6, these new wallpapers do add some more contrasting blue and even a nice Material Design paper for your to add to your device.

As with all of the wallpapers on the wallpaper page, well over 100 strong now, they are free to download and share with others.  I’m just providing you a repository folks. 🙂

Download The Google Calendar Wallpapers

If you use Google Calendar on your Android Phone or tablet, you will notice a wallpaper in the background as you view your diary in Schedule view. Each month has a different wallpaper representing that month or season in a Material Design kind-of-way.  Now you can download all 12 of these wallpapers to either make them a wallpaper for your devices any time you want.

Each wallpaper can be found on the Wallpaper page here on the site and each one measures 3840 x 3840 so you can easily make them a wallpaper for your Mac, PC or Chromebook should you chose to do so.  As with all of the wallpapers on the page, these are free to download.

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