Project Fi Now Replacing Defective Nexus 5X Phones With Moto X4

Android One Moto X4

Google is finally offering a reasonable replacement to those that have struggled with defective, often bootlooping, Nexus 5X on Project Fi.  Customers who have the 5X and have the $5 per month Device Protection Plan on the device, can now get a Moto X4 as a replacement.  The $69 deductible payment is still required but this is far better than the $53 check that was offered by Google on defect 5X’s just a few weeks ago.  If you didn’t want that $53, you could get a $100 Google Store credit.

The Nexus 5X has been plagued by bootloop issues where the device would simply be stuck in a mode where it is simply never is able to get past the boot up screen on the device and actually load Android to run the phone.  Not all phones were effected of course but many where, prompting some class action lawsuits against Google and LG.

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Moto X4 on Project Fi Update to Android Oreo Released

Android One Moto X4

The Android Oreo update for the Android One version of the Moto X4 is now rolling out.  This is the version of the mid-level phone that launched on Project Fi earlier this year.  Google, at the time of the launch, stated that they would have the Oreo update out on the phone by the end of the year.  With 8 days to spare, they fulfilled that promise.

The Oreo update comes with firmware build OPW27.1 and it comes with everything that comes in Android 8. The new build also brings the December Android Security Update to the device.  The update is just over 1GB in size so it will need to be downloaded via WiFi and you’ll need to have 80% battery to install it or be plugged into AC.

As for the non-Android One variant of the X4 getting the Android Oreo update, it doesn’t appear to be happening yet.

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Project Fi Adds Android One Moto X4 to Lineup

Android One Moto X4

Today Google has made good on a commitment they Tweeted about a few months back:  There is now a non-Google Project Fi compatible phone.  The new Android One Moto X4 is available for pre-order starting today and takes full advantage of Project Fi’s ability to switch networks on-the-fly just like the Google Pixel and previous Nexus 6, 6P and 5X.

The Moto X4 comes with what Google is calling a pure Android experience and ships with Android Nougat.  An update to Oreo will happen before the end of 2017 and Google has indicated that the Moto X4 will be among the first phones to get the Android P update in 2018.

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