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Track Your Exercise and Diet With The MSN Health & Fitness App and a SensorCore Enabled Lumia

If you follow me on Twitter or know me personally, you know that I’m a big user of Fitbit and MyFitnessPal.  In 2009 I weighed in at just under 300lbs while today I’m a healthy 195lbs and I credit my Fitbit (One and now a Flex) as well as MyFitnessPal as part of my success in losing the weight and keeping it off.  That said, there are some out there who do not necessarily want to have a wearable device to track their activities let alone have another app they have to go to so they can log their food and caloric intake.

With the introduction of the Lumia 1520, Nokia introduced SensorCore, a sensor and software application built into certain Lumia devices that will allow you to track activities such as walking and running.  Couple that with the free MSN Health & Fitness app for Windows Phone, you now have a way to keep track of your steps, runs, diet, and calories burned all in one app and you don’t have to wear any other devices other than your Lumia in your pocket – which is where it always is anyway, right?  Setting up your Lumia to use SensorCore is easy and it automatically configures MSN Health & Fitness so you can get to tracking things straight away.

Lumia 1520 No Longer Available At The Microsoft Store

The Lumia 1520 appears to be gone from the Microsoft Store online.  The last Windows Phone flagship device, which had been offered on AT&T, has been pulled from all pages on the site either under the AT&T section or the overall Windows Phone pages.  I discovered this doing some research for a post that I will be posting tomorrow and was surprised.  As of Friday afternoon the Lumia 1520 was still available directly from Microsoft on a contact from AT&T or without a contract for $549.99.  Now it appears the only flagship device remaining is the Lumia 830 which is $49 on contract or $399 off contract from AT&T.

Lumia Denim Finally Hits The AT&T Lumia 1520

It took 70 days but Lumia Denim is finally here for Lumia 1520 owners on AT&T.  The update, which is being pushed out to owners now from Microsoft, brings all of the benefits of the latest Windows Phone 8.1 firmware along with feature specific changes in the Lumia Denim package.

As a reminder, you can read my Guide to Lumia Denim and my Lumia Denim Rollout Guide for more detailed information on the release and the rollout process.

AT&T Has Indicated Lumia Denim is Coming “Soon” to Customers

AT&T has posted on Twitter that customers can expect to see the Lumia Denim update for devices on their network “soon”.  The Tweet was a reply to long time Windows Platform Development MVP Ginny Caughey who somewhat sarcastically Tweeted that she would likely see Windows 10 on her Lumia 1520 before Lumia Denim was released.  AT&T apparently was paying attention and replied with this Tweet:

It is certainly encouraging to hear that AT&T is looking to release Lumia Denim on the Lumia devices on their network but “soon” is a word that Windows Phone users have heard all too often. Still, we are likely talking weeks now instead of months.

As a reminder, you can read my Guide to Lumia Denim and my Lumia Denim Rollout Guide for more detailed information on the release and the rollout process.

Lumia Denim Begins UK Rollout on O2

The long rollout of Lumia Denim on Windows Phone continues but is finally starting to gain some carrier steam.  UK provider O2 has released the latest update for the Lumia 635, Lumia 930 and Lumia 1520 on their network.  For those of you who are on O2 and have these devices, you can go to Settings>phone update on your device to check for the update if it has not already been pushed down to you.

The news of O2 rolling out Lumia Denim is welcome as more carriers globally are starting to roll it out after it was released in December.  Just last week UK’s EE network released the update for their customers using the Lumia 930 as did Brazil’s TIM network.  As for North American carriers, the wait continues.

As a reminder, you can read my Guide to Lumia Denim and my Lumia Denim Rollout Guide for more detailed information on the release and the rollout process.

Save Big With The Lumia 635 Accessories Bundle from Microsoft

At the Microsoft Store you can now get a great deal for your Lumia 635, Lumia 1020 and Lumia 1520.  The Lumia 635 Accessories Bundle (and those for the 1020 and 1520) brings you a case of your choice, a screen protector and a Microsoft DC-21 portable power pack for $60.  On the Lumia 635, that’s a savings of over $38 if you were to buy them separately while on the Lumia 1020 Accessory Bundle the savings could be as high as $70.

Lumia 635 Accessories Bundle – $60 (Save Up To $38.99)

Lumia 1020 Accessories Bundle – $60 (Save Up To $69.97)

Lumia 1520 Accessories Bundle – $60 (Save Up To $44.97)

HTC One M8 Windows Phone Accessories Bundle – $60 (Save Up To $44.99)

Lumia 1520 Now $99 with 2-Year Contract on AT&T

While this years Christmas season sales focus from Microsoft has been on the mid-to-low end of the market, that doesn’t mean that some great deals can’t be found on the high end devices as well.  The best deal by far remains on the Lumia 635 at only $99 without a contract but if you want to get the flagship Lumia 1520, you can do it for $99 as well on a 2-year contract.  If you don’t want to do the contract, no problem.  You can get it outright for $526, down from the $589 price before the holidays.

Lumia 1520 with AT&T – $99 with 2-Year contract – Buy Now from the Microsoft Store

Noreve Leather Case for Lumia 1520 Announced

The luxury case manufacture Noreve has announced an all new second case for the Nokia Lumia 1520.  The Tradition B is a wallet style case that is complete with card carrying front cover and a kickstand built into the back for viewing landscape videos on your 1520.  It comes in a wide range of colours and is available for order now starting €47.75.  If you are looking for a premium case that exudes style and Haute Couture (custom fitted) case for you Lumia 1520, you’ve find the one you want. You can stop looking now.

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